Ferni and the Vascos release Summer Storm EP

Ferni and the Vascos - Summer Storm EP

Ferni's was released back in November of last year. He's a one-mand band, though you wouldn't know it by listening. This one's got a narrative to it (roughly Google translated)

In a Pacific island, a few kilometers from the coast, on a yacht, an evening party (Looped Party) is celebrated. Here the guests dance naked in a lustful debauchery between curves and alcohol. One of the boys is mesmerized with the hips of the girl, dancing this song back to him (Dangling Hips). At the same time, inside the sea, something happens. The Indians are concerned about their harvest, more than a month ago it hardly rains, and the great magician of the tribe will do something to change this desperate situation, a rain dance (Indian). With their effort and tribal dances are beginning to appear clouds in the sky, soon to rush into a raging storm summer (Summer Storm), very unfortunate for the guests of the yacht, which begins to lose stability until the wave becomes so aggressive and unbearable spitting all yacht, now torn between life and death struggle to survive (Sinking) ....

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