The Bluebottles - Poolside with...

The Bluebottles - Poolside with...

The title "Poolside with" may seem somewhat generic, but it's actually a bit of a clue. The Bluebottles aren't out to capture the adrenaline rush of a monster wave, it's a lighthearted album full of party music. Even though opening track, though lively, features an acoustic guitar lead, aiming to greet with an active dance floor rather than an overwhelming salvo.

However, this is also a cut above your average hawaiian-shirt clad grandpa project. While not a sonic clone, their playful-yet-confident guitarwork reminds me of Los Straightjackets. There's little sprinkled-in bits that feel like they were brought in from outside the surf world, yet not from anywhere in particular. Always trying new things, never sacrificing the song.

This is a pretty easy recommend for surf fans and it's found its way back into my playlist many times since release.

It's on vinyl and bandcamp. By the way, a Bluebottle is a type of jellyfish.


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