Blairracuda releases Tidal Wave EP

Welp, Google is completely striking out on this one with nothing for "Blairracuda" or their label "Moon Rock Collective". The only evidence of this group existing as I can tell is their . But for a band that hardly exists outside their 3 song EP, they've got a pretty mean surf sound.


One of the members sent me an email!

Hey, man, I saw you posted about the Blairracuda stuff on your Storm Surge site. Awesome, I'm glad you're digging it!
You couldn't find anything on Google because it's reeeeeal ragtag. My buddies and I have another band, Mummula (MUM-you-luh. Half-mummy/half-Dracula) that you might dig. Our recordings are rough, but check it out:

But yeah, we all just kind of putz around with song writing, and some of them become Mummula songs, and other ones just kind of go into a pile that nobody will ever hear because it just doesn't fit in anywhere. So that's when we got to talking about just making a collective (Moon Rock Collective) where we could all just put out whatever solo stuff we're working on, in a really rough, low-pressure sort of setting. The other guys will be posting things as they make new stuff, too, but right now I'm the only one who has anything up.

Our Mummula drummer, Jon, puts up his stuff under the name, Invisible Dracula. You can find some of his stuff here:
Thanks again for digging it, man. It was a treat seeing the post!

Make sure to check those other bands out, Invisible Dracula is all instro and Mummula's got a couple instros too!


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