Bandcamp is waiving their cut of sales today. Here are some great new surf releases.

the_birdcage - Wave Machine
Today Bandcamp is waiving their fee when you purchase a record, which means more money goes to the artist. That means today's a good day to buy a lot of music on bandcamp - and a good day for me to finally write some some things about some great releases that have come out in the past month or so. If you missed out today, Bandcamp will also be donating their share to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund on Friday, June 19th.
I'm going to try to make these reviews lightning-quick so I can actually fit them. This is by no means every good surf release over the past month or so -- I'm still getting around to some myself. And in no particular order.
Also, if you're into the idea of your music spending money helping today's issues, Double Crown's web store is currently sending 10% of all sales


Surf Britannia Vol. 2

20 bands from the UK in one compilation. Some great stuff in side.

¡Yo Vendo Ritmo! - ¡Yo Vendo Ritmo!

Really excited about this stripped-down "surf" project with a sort of jungle rhythm to it. It's like a jazzier Flat Duo Jets.

Mai Tai Pink Eye - The Instrumentals

Admittedly I wasn't familiar with this band until I woke up this morning and haven't given it a full listen, but it seemed worthwhile. Abrasive but inventive.

Los Straitjackets - Live at Yep Roc 15

A live recording from 2012. That's likely all you need to know. They've also released a few singles lately.

The Good Boys - The Good Boys II

Definitely a fresh sound from these Aussies -- dreamy and jazzy, maybe even a little proggy, but definitely surf.

The Del-Toros - Live in Hollywood

Live album that sounds big and huge like this band oughta be. For those of you that need some crunch.

The Evanstones - 1961

The Evanstones have built up a bit of a following, and I have no doubt that will only grow it. Trad-style tunes, an album where you keep thinking "oh wait, no, this is the best one" with each track.

Men in Grey Suits - Village Eater

Hawaiian group with an experimental streak. Some really interesting things going on that will make an impression even on the first listen.

Mark Malibu & the Wasagas - Dance Party a' Go Go

The first track on this album is a kitschy preview of the album you're about to hear, but I actually think it gives you a great glimpse of some killer riffs from what I believe to be the Wasagas' best.

The_Birdcage - Wave Machine

I don't know if they had chosen that album cover before things went to hell. There's a sense of confidence and ambition that comes through on this record. Some real oomph.

Los Reverb - Ondas Solitonicas

Trad sound some tiki elements that will catch you off-guard. A great lighthearted romp in time for summer.

Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion - S/T

After a few years of silence they come roaring back right where they left off. Powerful instrumentals that don't bowl you over with noise, but rather a careening, whipping, rhythm.

The Kaputniks - Counterintelligent

Great spy stuff with some very memorable creepin' licks.

Os Pampa Haoles - S/T

Carefree and fun surf with a punk/skater vibe.

Chicago Surf Rally

27 tracks from 9 bands for $7, benefitting COVID relief. It's hard to review the variety in a compilation but it's easy to do the math.

Surf Music Contra o Fascismo

As far as I know, there isn't a compilation yet from the surf community supporting BLM, but perhaps those of that mindset can get behind a compilation showing support against the Brazilian president Bolsonaro, whose actions might sound all too familiar to Americans.

Lost Culture - Coronacation EP

Meant to be played loud. Aggro sound with some progressive song-writing that builds nicely.

The Manakooras - S/T EP

Faaaantastic exotica with members of The Aqualads, Satan's Pilgrims and The Intoxicators.

Screw it, just check out the Hi-Tide page

Hi-Tide has hardly been dormant during COVID. They have a pre-order for the new Surfrajettes, a Volcanics single, a debut EP by the Hula Girls, and I've really been enjoying these single releases from The Hi-Tide Orchestra. It's all pretty solid.

The Zoras - Surf the Storms (single)

A great cover of a song from the game Ocarina of Time. More video game covers please.

Mr Galaxy - s/t EP

$7 for 3 songs is a bit yikes for a digital release, but you can purchase songs individually for less. These guys have a great, lush sound.


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