Aaron and the Burrs release A Burr for All Seasons (and other tunes)

Aaron and the Burrs - A Burr for All Seasons (and other tunes)

Aaron and the Burrs have been quiet for a little bit... missing out on some synergy opportunities with the broadway hit Hamilton! Eh, probably not.

This still sounds a lot like the Aaron and the Burrs we've heard for a while, sort of eleki-style with the lead guitar high-pitched and often quite staccato though with some sludgy punk guitar filling it out. Kinda similar to Beware the Danger of a Ghost Scorpion but a little more restrained. I do think there's a bit of a recording difference here: maybe less lo-fi and with a lot more bass guitar presence. Whatever it is, I think it's an improvement! I've liked this band most when they lean into the creepy and quiet side and build into it, and there's a few like that such as "Vincent Price Mania" and my favorite "They Only Come Out at Night"

Free download. I'm assuming there's a cassette version as well given the label, but couldn't find a link.


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