Today's show: Matrimony and Ouroboros Boys (Plus last week's playlist)

I Married a DEAD MAN

Here it is: last show as an unmarried man and it's a doozy. This time my fiancee is responsible for the bulk of the playlist, and the rest will include songs from our Honeymoon destination (Thailand and Cambodia), a few nice and sweet songs, and a live set fom North Carolina's Ouroboros Boys. It's going to be pretty hectic!

As I'll be off on the other end of the globe, I'm going to have substitute DJs until May 2nd

Here's last week's playlist



Today's Show and Last Week's Playlist

It's been slow finding new surf to play, but that doesn't mean the show itself is slowing down! Oughta be bright and active the whole way through

Here's what we had last week


the tremolo beer gut - le jacquet (Under the Covers With...)
mach kung fu - hot doggin (teach a chick to dance)
sir bald diddley and his honourable big-wigs - the happy surfer (what's in the fridge)
the arrows - tee pee (apache '65)
laika & the cosmonauts - surf-ro-mania (zero gravity)


Today's Show and Last Week's Playlist

Today's plays

It's absolutely beautiful today in New Orleans and I've got the material to match it. Brand new stuff from Mike Barbwire and Tsunamish as well as some un-spun 45s. A good chunk of oddball stuff too!

Here's what I played last week


the journeymen - surfer's blues (rare surf vol 1)
watang! - sing sing singapore (miss wong)
hang-ten hangmen - shark bait (destination saturn)
los straitjackets - bobsleddin'! (jet set)
the kanaloas - boneyard reef (surf a go go)


Today's show and the exciting conclusion to last week's show

Today's plays

AGGRESSIVELY ARMED with fresh material today from the likes of Amphibian Man, Les Tigres du Futur, Genki Genki Panic, Los Tiros, Thee Sturgeons, Matt Foy, The Delstroyers, The Hang-Ten Hangmen AND more new-to-the-show 45s than I'll likely end up playing. GONNA BE GOOD!


Greetings from Tbilisi, here's last week's playlist


In New Orleans today is Lundi Gras. Can't tell you much about how that's going, because I'm way off in Tbilisi, Georgia slowly overcoming jet lag. It's an absolutely beautiful city, full of color, amazing landscapes, and a wild mix of new and old architecture. They're very in touch with their native culture, and they've got a lot of really cool old cars. I've tried to find any shred of instro music that might have come out of here and my research has been completely fruitless. Guess Dick Dale wasn't a hit in the Soviet Union.



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