Playlist! 2-17-20

frankie and the poolboys - tan line fever (Spin the Bottle)
The Arousers - Blow Back (Princes of Penetration)
The Beat Tornados - Sting! (Mission to Mir)
The Sand Devils - Stacatto Lane (the sand devils)
Surf Truckerz - Can't Buy Me Love (Benefit of Mr. Kitesurfer)

Gene Moles & the Softwinds - burnin' rubber (surf & drag vol 1)
The Crescendos - Countdown (Las Vegas Grind Pt. 1)
The Dantes - Zebra Shoot (Strummin Mental)
The Statics - Static Beat (Battle of the Bands)
The Nocturnes - Cyclone (Elemental Instrumentals)
dave myers and the surftones - Laguna Limbo Luau (Surf's Up)

Bloodshot Bill - Stumble (Come Get Your Love Right Now)
peopleperson - surf cubist (coochie!)
los ultraman - big surf (el disco del helado)
Los Atascados - Hubo Fuego (Destino vedette)
The Coffin Daggers - That Sweet Girl (Eleki Album)
The Terrorsaurs - Freight Train (Swamp Beat)

The Falcons - Western Dreams (Atomic Guitar)
the bradipos iv - La Ultima Ola (Surf Session)
The Hypno-Twists - Cape st. Francis (introducing hte hypno-twists)
The Pulltones - Obsessão (Storm Fisherman)
swami john reis & the blind shake - Hang 11 (Modern Surf Classics)

Thee Milkshakes - club m.i.c. (thee knights of trashe)
The Cavaleros - Banzai Pipeline (Atomic! The Album)
the incredible heavies - severino drops in (Blackball Rebellion)
The Concussions - Hairy Son (Break Up With)
Wasagas - pushin' too hard (Crash Monster Beach)

Langhorns - Pall Mall (club gabardino)
Hypnomen - Dubrovnik (City of Love) (Watusi 99)
The Invisible Surfers - Desert King (Desert King)
The Insect Surfers - 77 Gaza Strip (Death Valley Coastline)

El Caminos - Gerugugu (Reverb Explosion)
The Volcanics - Panic Run (Forgotten Cove)
The Wangs - Vlah, Vlah, Vlah! (on target!)
Man? or astro-man? - DNI (Experiment Zero)
the chemist and the acevities - let's dissolve all the bankers (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
Threesome - hydro-active desert (On Tour)
The Beyonderers - Flexible Phantoms (of the sky) (Fourth Wave)
The Dynotones - 99 A.D. (The Dynotones)
The Good the Bad - 25 (From 018 to 033)
John Lee - In the Ground (Reprise) (The Nature Series)


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