Playlist! 1-27-19

The Surfites - La Ronde Infernale (The Surfites & Co.)
Hypnotide - Bad Girls go to hell (landlocked)
13th Magic Skull - Funnel of Love (sungazing in rapa nui)
Coffin Daggers - Namida no juujiro (eleki album)
Satan's Pilgrims - Boss BSA (Creature Feature)

The Scouts - Mr Custer Stomp (Jungle Exotica Vol 2)
Les Jaguars - Guitare Jet (Vol. 2)
The Astronauts - Movin' (surfin' with the astronauts)
The Denvermen - Back Rip (Let's Go Surfside)
The Vengers - Shakedown (Phantom Guitars)
The Deuce Coupes - Dawn Patrol (Hotrodders' Choice)

The Necronautics - Don't Press This Button Again (Scattered Peace)
Alvino and the Dwells - Chocolate Mint (Alvino and the Dwells)
Nuclear Juarez - the curse of lono (broken ships and sunken dreams)
Chrome Castle - Dance Hall Ruffian (Chrome Castle)
The Aquatudes - Weekend Waves (To Surf, With Love)

The Kaputniks - Shadowy Compromise (daytrip to saturn)
the penetrators - speed bump (locked & loaded)
Surfer Joe - Fire Escape Rope (Senor Surf)
el supernaut - kill the poor (plays half dead)

The Terrorsurfs - The Spy who surfed me (Zomboid Surf Attack)
Tikiyaki 5-0 - Supernova (Introducing the Exotic Sounds of...)
The Surf Leaders - Перемен (Surf Rock Rus)
Rocket Motors - Big Rip (Back to the Moon)
spytones - surfing in salzburg (syptones)

oskar benas y los herejes instro combo - leon mutante (OBYLHIC)
shoot the pier - Road to Rosarito (Lost Souls on the Beach)
volcano kings - Midnight on Switchblade (Midnight on Switchblade Street)

Fifty Foot Combo - Hully Gully Stomp (Go Hunting)
The Apemen - Pogo A Gogo (7 inches of love)
dinosaur ghost - mandar (dinosaur ghost)
beachmover - directed energy weapons (do the microwave!) (Beachmover)
speedball jr - dr. evil (whiplash)
the chukukos - La Virgen de Las Barricadas (Deep Latin Surf Attack)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - fuck computers (bug terminal)
amphibian man - Withstand the fall of the wave (metal goes surf)


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