The Wiesstronauts release Flat Bottom Cold Greaser

The Wiesstronauts - Flat Bottom Cold Greaser

The Weisstronauts are a long-running instro band that have been consistently cranking out well played weekend-ready jams. They have a bit of a kitchen sink sound, with capital S Surf never really taking a center stage appearance, and most songs sounding different from the one that preceeded it. But if you gotta, I hear some Shadowy Men, Chet Atkins and some direct Vic Flick. The most full-out rocker is the third track "Teenage Wedding" but this album really isn't to be taken as pump up music -- more like a barbecue.

Digital and CD release on bandcamp.


Spacecramp releases El Cigar

Spacecramp - El Cigar

Everything on bandcamp and social media about Spacecramp is meaningless nonesense, so I guess I kinda expected something more ridiculous in the music. But we've actually got a pretty straight-faced though fun instro record. There's not exactly all that much surftone; it's more reminiscent of Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. It starts out with the fun and energetic "Whistle Monkey", but also swings into a spacey sound with the later half of "Whip-n-out Burger" and even gets kinda nice and sweet with "(two) Hands".


Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! release Boss Metal Zone EP

Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! - Boss Metal Zone EP

I was just thinking about how Ghost Scorpion were falling behind their pattern of one release per year. "Boss Metal Zone" is pretty recognizably Ghost Scorpion material: lo-fi, ragged guitar at a pretty quick tempo. They do it well and they do it here as well as they ever have. "Straight to Darkness" is probably the highlight for me, but by such a narrow margin it might be overtaken with more listens.

Speaking of listens, you should listen! It's pay-what-you-want


Surf's Up Spicoli release Terra Omega EP

Surf's Up Spicoli - Terra Omega

Loud, buzzy, spacey, and psychedelic is how Boston's Surf's Up Spicoli rolls on "Terra Omega". It's actually a little bit of a departure from the songs they've had floating around on their Soundcloud page, which are definitely a bit more straightforward surf. It's a free download, see what you think


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