The Aquaholics (poshumously) release Psycho Satanic Surf Party

The Aquaholics release Psycho Satanic Surf Party

The name Aquaholics rings a bell for me, but I can't decide whether it's this band or the still active . The description on their bandcamp page reads

"Recorded @ Sonic Iguana. Mastered by Mass Giorgini

The band started in 2006. Uploaded for upcoming 10 year anniversary. The band broke up before the album was ever finished or pressed."


Travelers of Tyme release A Fistful of Dragons EP

Travelers of Tyme - A Fistful of Dragons

Travelers of Tyme released an excellent and very diverse self-titled LP a over 3 years ago. Though they've updated their bandcamp page with older items (at least I think so, hard to say for a Tyme travelling band), I was really hoping for something new. We finally have something and it includes an instro cover of the Game of Thrones theme.


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