Tsunami Experiment release Lost in the Circuit

Tsunami Experiment - Lost in the Circuit

This is the second longplayer from Tsunami Experiment and though it plays less long than their last one (8 tracks vs 15), I get a better sense of emotion here.

Tsunami Experiment descend from the Man or Astro-man side of the family but they've never quite hit the same defcon level as their ancestor and I sense that's fine with them. Man or Astro-man, wide-ranging as they were, didn't have any songs where the main riff was on piano, but Tsunami Experiment have done it on both albums, and "Planes to Spain" is clearly a highlight on this one. Though if you like sciencey sounds and synths, I reckon you should turn your antennae towards "Space Station Romance", a spacey track with some nice and pretty guitar. Romance?!! ICK! Though this album doesn't entirely stick to sappy sweet melodies, they've let that side of them run loose and I think it's for the better. Emotion is what separates us from the machines after all.

Looks like this is bandcamp and CD. Props to the artist on the album cover: it took me a few minutes of staring at it to determine that some of those solder joints were cloned.


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