Toro Jones releases Toro Jones EP

Tor Jones - Toro Jones EP

Always cool when somebody that listens to my show shows me their music, and it’s especially cool when it’s good! This EP comes out swinging with “Bat Outta Hell!” and “Bone Vampire” which have a Huevos Rancheros vibe except with a beefier low-end. Then “Lighthouse Point” cools it off a bit, reminding me strongly Los Straitjackets’ classic “Close to Champaign”. Then “Noche Sin Luna” goes for the creepy vibe before a cover of Sandy Nelson’s bouncy “Big Noise from the Jungle”. Then they wrap it up with “Unraveler”, with a sound more in line with the first two tracks.

I’d love to hear a full LP from these guys and when they do I hope they record it the same way because it sounds absolutely fantastic. “Big Noise from the Jungle” shows it off especially well, with some big-room reverb on the snare and even a little bit of residual rattle coming through from it, and with the guitar dipping down into a nice impactful rumble. That great booming bass sound pushes power throughout the whole record.

Get it from bandcamp. They do have CDs if you want to message through facebook.



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