Retrocaine release Back to the 90's EP

Retrocaine - Back to the 90's EP

When I played the song "Out of Surf" on the radio show, a caller excitedly told me it was a cover of Max Romeo's reggae classic . So now I'm suspicious that the other tracks on here are obscure covers that I haven't figured out yet.

Cover or not, they're all enjoyable, with a wild, lively energy. "Surf Virus" features a sax taking lead while the guitar freaks out underneath -- a nice controlled chaos. The aforementioned Max Romeo cover is deftly brought out of a relaxing reggae style and thrust into a more frantic surf style. There's one vocal track called "Dick & Dale" and in this case the cover's pretty obviously the theme to the Saturday morning cartoon "Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers".

Fun stuff. As far as I know this free digital download is the only way to get it, but it's worth the hard drive space.


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