The Phantom Operators release Hasta Muerte

The Phantom Operators - Hasta Muerte

Though the Phantom Operators never keep you waiting long for more material, this is the second full-length from the Tennessee-based group. When listening to them, there's one word that comes to mind: desolate. The guitars go on and on, but with a bit of a melancholy and not so much of that California brightness. It fits the desert theme that runs thoughout much of the Phantom Operators' material.

That's not to say this is a moper: "Haole A-Go-Go" and "Cannibal Run" are more party-styled, perhaps in a modest manner. The lead guitar on "Duke's Ride" is bright and pretty, though backed up by a more hollow guitar sound making for an interesting conflict.

The Phantom Operators have carved out a unique sound and mood that's worth a listen. And you can do just that below!


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