Perro Agradecido Cumbia releases Ánima En Pena; Sesión En Vivo

Perro Agradecido Cumbia - Ánima En Pena; Sesión En Vivo

If you've listened to my show enough you've probably figured out that I've got a thing for Peruvian chicha music, and the similarities to surf rock should be apparent enough that that wouldn't be surprising. I find it amusing that while there's some , the bands that seem most faithful to the sound appear to be everywhere else. Mexico especially is home to perhaps my favorite: . It's also the home of Perro Agradecido Cumbia.

I had previously listened to their album Muy Buenos Días, Tardes, Noches and while they had a good sound, better than most, I found it kind of perfunctory - a standard chicha sound but nothing to make anything stick out in my head. This is an easy pitfall for chicha, as it does tend to work itself into a hypnotic groove.

Somewhere along the way I think they've figured something out. The guitar seems to have more passion to it, even on old songs like "Mata Hari Spy Dance" or "Amarre Conquistador". Perhaps, this being a live session, some enthusiasm was lost in the studio after too many takes. But I also think they've just gotten a bit nuttier, case in point is the organ on "Unión".

All in all, this is a fun album. It's amazingly hard to tell that it was recorded live, and it has shifted them right up near the front of modern chicha bands I like.


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