New compilation: The Birth of Surf Volume 3

Birth of Surf Volume 3

Ace Records continues their "Birth of Surf" series with a brand new Volume 3, curated by Alan Taylor and Dave Burke of . Like the others, it's a total mix of basic-level surf songs to nearly unheard-of rarities. I'm pleased to see Johnny and the Hurricanes' "Sheba" on there - pretty common if you're digging for 45s, rarely finds its way to compilations, and it's easily my favorite song of theirs. Ace's recent Long-Lost Honkers and Twangers compilation had an unbelievable unreleased track from The Rondels in "Zombie", and while their song "On the Run" is out there somewhere, it's definitely not a record easily found. 

Haven't heard the full thing, but there's definitely enough unknowns on this for me to want it. And of the well-knowns, they're all worth it.

You can get it from , , and I'm sure plenty of other places.

Here's the full tracklist

  1. flaming guitar - billy mure
  2. machine gun - the rip tides
  3. sheba - johnny & the hurricanes
  4. lone survivor - the beachcombers
  5. boss - the rumblers
  6. vesuvius - the sentinals
  7. scotch high's - the chantays
  8. moment of truth - the original surfaris
  9. failsafe - the new dimensions
  10. bonzai - baymen (no the)
  11. surf party - the astronauts
  12. bacardi - the torquetts
  13. the force of gravity - the genteels
  14. christina - the charades band
  15. on the run - the rondels
  16. the victor - dick dale & the del-tones
  17. the marauder - marrell's marauders
  18. pressure - the pyramids
  19. gear! - dave myers & the surftones
  20. countdown - buddy lee & the satellites
  21. more surf - the de-fenders
  22. take 7 - the novas
  23. minor chaos - the treasures
  24. static - the velvetones
  25. heartbeat - the avengers vi
  26. storm surf - the surfaris


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