Mike Barbwire and the Blue Ocean Orchestra release El Surfista del Mambo 7"

Mike Barbwire and the Blue Ocean Orchestra - El Surfista del Mambo EP

Mike Barbwire has been busy with rockabilly outfit The Dragtones for a bit, and while there have been some good n crunchy instrumental bits for us to enjoy there, it's his work with The Barbwires/Blue Ocean Orchestra that really make me lose control. The Barbwires' Searider is a desert island disc for me, and the subsequent 7"s have been just as frenzied, lush, and memorable. So here's another one!

Here's what I know: it's a 7" on blue vinyl. It's on Sleazy Records, and it's on their website. The Euro to USD exchange rate isn't that bad right now. That's really all I need to know.
Here's what I'm guessing: previous Barbwires 7"s haven't seen digital downloads. Double Crown usually gets a few copies of any Mike Barbwire release soon enough.
Here's what I don't know: The songs themselves, and how many are on this 7". 

Mike Barbwire Blue Ocean Orchestra


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