Los Surfer Compadres release Los Surfer Compadres in a Psychedelic Western

Los Surfer Compadres - Los Surfer Compadres in a Psychedelic Western

One of the things I like about instrumental music is that you're free to craft your own narrative from the music. This is still the case with Los Surfer Compadres' new album, but they've given you a lot of thought pieces to help you along on their album art: surfing with swords, aliens, a cookout, a protest, a bird with a ring on its talon, an angry god...

Indeed the music itself visits spaghetti western, fuzz guitar, a variety of different moods, though there's definitely a pretty solid surf underpinning. "Eyes on the Market" is a slightly goofier track, with light fuzz, farfisa, and guitars drunkenly wailing every which way, one of my favorites. And it's hard to go wrong with a good grit-teeth fuzz track like "Los Más Buscados". There are three vocal tracks on here, but they certainly feel like an exception to the rule -- it's definitely a surf record.

It's up for download on bandcamp. If you've never bought anything in Mexican Pesos before, 120MXN sounds daunting, but it's actually quite affordable at less than $7 USD.


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