Los Seitans release Mayhem Sessions

Los Seitans - Mayhem Sessions

Like their name itself, Los Seitans have a sound that's almost evil but ends up just having fun. They've got a trashy sound and a lot of horror themes, but keep finding their way back into something less dreary.

The opener is pretty classic surf with some theremin and conga touches. "Ghost Friendly" is the most energetic with a big stompin' sound to it and a big theremin buildup at the end before giving you their biggest creeper track "Laiseca Theme", whcih then drops you off in the plainly pretty, nice 'n easy "Fantasy Island". "Martian Skills" sounds like it's going to be another creeper, but then you've got congas jumping in, and then it slowly morphs into a pscychedelic freakout. There's a lot of variety here even if their trashy sound doesn't let onto it at first.

As far as I can tell, bandcamp only. Worth a listen!


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