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Dick Dale

This past monday Dick Dale asked GoDaddy tech support to call him back (for real) so that he could take a few minutes to talk with me. If you've ever heard a Dick Dale interview before (this was my second one), you probably know that he does a good job of interviewing himself. There are certain themes that will come up, but definitely a few things I'd never heard before: a surprising amount of Elvis, Glen Campbell, thoughts on traveling and what touring does for him, as well as insight into the ideas behind his music, talks with Leo Fender etc that often come up during interviews.

You can hear it right here

As I was saying, I've interviewed him once before. When I find that recording, I'll try to post it here too.

Also, I refer multiple times to Sunday's show with Dick Dale, The Bills, and the Unnaturals at The Howlin Wolf.


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