King Ghidora releases The Secret Origin of an Unknown Planetary Destroyer

King Ghidora - The Secret Origin of an Unknown Planetary Destroyer

In surf music we don’t deduct points for being derivative so I’ll go ahead and confirm what you have already deduced from the album art: there’s a pretty heavy Man or Astro-Man? influence here But who among us thinks that the universe couldn’t use another Project Infinity? That’s basically what’s going on here: not so much the experimental, sciencey side of MOAM but the loud guitars and punk energy.

“Punk energy” is a hard thing to quantify, but the important thing is that I certainly fed off of it. Even when listening on a plane my heel stomp while listening progressed to a restrained head-bang/nod. It’s pretty full-throttle the whole way through and these 8 tracks absolutely whiz by, begging for a repeat listen. It doesn’t resort to lo-fi for its sense of volume -- it’s actually exceptionally well-produced and I’m grateful for that because it really lets the guitars scream and soar.

It’s not entirely unadventurous with a almost reggae beat going on in “Journey to Destruo-9” and theremin here or there, but this is generally a meat-and-potatoes astro-surf affair and I’m happy for that. I love meat and potatoes. They don’t even really slow it down for the ol’ sci-fi audio clip intros.

It’s up on bandcamp and though they’re not listed there I’m pretty sure CDs exist if that’s your preferred medium.


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