The Intoxicators release Easter Eggs on Halloween

The Intoxicators - Eeaster Eggs on Halloween

There's not a whole lot of surf happening on the Florida panhandle (musically or otherwise) but The Intoxicators are a fine representative. Easter Eggs on Halloween has plenty of variety, certainly not locked to a tempo or mood, but it never drags, always seems ready to go. And when it's going, they can really rip. This album is front-loaded with the heavy songs: "Frozen Cossacks", "Sake Shaker" and "Easter Eggs on Halloween" are as savage as The Intoxicators have ever been, and the production quality is perfect-- the bass adding a bit more roar to the lead Wray-like guitar tone. In general, it's hard to believe this is a three-piece: partly because of some great-and-not-afraid-to-show-it guitar work, and how well it works out with the bass.

It's just a really fun record, y'all. It's charged with a pure rock & roll energy that never quits. It'll keep your knee boppin' and possibly result in some air guitar. If you've heard and liked them in the past, you'll like them even more here. If you haven't heard them, this is a great place to jump on. You can grab it from their


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