Here's every 2019 Surf/Instro Release I could find


About This List

Every year I try to compile this list for a few reasons:

  1. So that people can see in a very concrete way that surf is by no means a dead genre.
  2. To get a good glimpse at the full vartiety of surf music out there.
  3. To recognize all the releases that I never played on my show or wrote about on my blog.
  4. To organize it all and help me get my brain in order as I get ready for my annual Gremmy awards.

A few rules though:

  1. This is just a list. No judgement.
  2. I defined an EP as less than 8 songs or under 25 minutes.
  3. No single song releases. At that point it gets impossible to track.
  4. If I didn't provide a link, it's because I couldn't find one. Help me out!
  5. Bolded entries are records I reviewed on this website.

Big thanks as always to Nestor Burma and Leopoldo of Reverb Brasil for finding a few missing entries. By all means feel free to point out others. 






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