The Guitaraculas release Preachers of the Night

The Guitaraculas - Preachers of the Night

Man, what a time to be alive. The Messer Chups (or in this case a side project of the Messer Chups) can release an album and you immediately have a chance to listen to it. You used to have to dig around for the one site that seemed to be holding them at the time. That said, if you're looking for a physical copy, that still may be the case as doesn't have it listed yet.

This features Oleg Gitarkin of Messer Chups and If you're already a Messer Chups or Guitaraculas fan, this is more of what you love. Wobbly, sparse guitar instrumentals with some vocal creepy swamp ballads (probably more than instrumentals but the Guitaraculas are an exception). I love the cover of Sandy Nelson's "Big Noise from the Jungle", not a song you see a much love for.


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