The Gremmy Awards 2022

The Gremmy Awards 2022

OK surf nuts. Every year around this time I roll out the Gremmy Awards: my way overthought list of what I think are the best surf records of the year. I haven't listened to everything, I certainly haven't listened to them all enough, but I've listened to a lot, and hopefully this can draw some attention to the most deserving releases of the year.

Last year's Gremmys stretched out in to February, and while I hope that won't be the case this year, I have done absolutely nothing to streamline it. It's still separated into the following categories, all of which will become links once I publish them (probably in the order listed)

  • An attempt at listing everything that could reasonably be called surf music released in the past year.
  • Pretty pictures I liked.
  • : The best music that tries to stick with the musical vocabularity and spirit of the 1960's.
  • : Loud, fast, punk influenced stuff. It's not a genre name I would use outside of these awards, but it rhymes with trad.
  • The best records that are recognizably surf, but building on it and incorporating more modern influences.
  • : New surf species, evolved from surf DNA but disctincly their own. The proud weirdos.
  • Odds and ends that I felt were worth mentioning to sum up the year.
  • : An attempt to balance out my own bias by bringing in other distinguished and accomplished sets of ears.

In the meantime, here's a poll where you can submit your favorite releases. This is easily manipulated and ultimately meaningless, but fun.

What was your favorite surf/instro record of 2022?


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