Death Wave - Mare Incognitum

Death Wave - Mare Incognitum

Despite hearing their first EP, something about this led me to believe that it would be fast-n-nasty metal-tinged surf, but Mare Incognitum actually adopts a pretty normal modern surf sound at a normal pace, just dwelling a bit more on the darker side. That's no complaint though, each of these is punchy and fun, almost always danceable, and with a good sense of when to go big, when to sound a little nastier, and generally how to stay interesting and fun.

They seem to be stretching out a little further than their guitar-bass-drums lineup allows here, as I swear I hear two guitar parts in some of these and some light keys on some like "Venus Space Probe". It doesn't really matter, it sounds great on the record even if it might be missing some of the sound played live. That doesn't seem like an issue anyway, the clips of their shows on their facebook look like everybody's enjoying themselves.

This is a really solid LP of what I guess you could call horror surf, but I'd actually prefer to compare them to the spookier side of Satan's Pilgrims. Up on bandcamp, facebook posts seem to vaguely indicate that there's a physical release that they distribute at their shows too.


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