The Baffles release Volume Two

The Baffles - Volume Two

I should have realized that the reason I hadn't seen many surf releases recently was because they were being saved up for October 31st. Though The Baffles weren't really a horror-surf band on their last album, this release is largely comprised of covers of popular horror themes. Some of them are pretty familiar to the surf world (The Munsters, Fear (One Step Beyond)) but I don't think I've seen covers of Beetlejuice, Scorpio's Theme or the Exorcist Theme. I'll be honest, I don't know if this is entirely covers or if songs like "Vertigo" are their own doing, but their takes on them are creative: sometimes letting the keys take the lead, sometimes what starts out as a simple guitar-based cover of a song turns into a world-coming-to-its-end fuzz smasher.

They've got it up on bandcamp for you to stream


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