Hypnotzar releases Cold Streams of Taiga EP

Hypnotzar - Cold Streams of Taiga EP

Hypnotzar's debut EP late last year was a welcome surprise and I'm glad we didn't have to wait long for more. Nearly all parts of this record were done by Lev Kuchinsky, but it hardly sounds like a bedroom project and each part is distinct and interesting. "Thermodynamist" has some great interplay between guitar parts and the desolate "Cold Streams of Taiga" has an awesome sense of dread to it. And then we get two really fun covers of songs by At The Gates and Electric Wizard.


The Sloptones release Low Tide EP

The Sloptones - Low Tide EP

Russia's The Sloptones know how to make a Halloween EP; they released a good one last year. But despite the Halloween release date, they went in the opposite direction this time with a dialed-down quiet record. No wall-of-sound here, drums kept to a level that won't bug the neighbors, and bass designed to keep your foot tapping but legs otherwise at rest.


Hypnotzar release Hypnotzar EP

Hypnotzar - Hypnotzar EP

Despite the near-Halloween relaese date, this isn't much of a horror-surf record, though it does have an air of mystery to it. Man... or Astro-Man? is definitely a bit of a jump-off point here with with similar dark tones, sound clips, and "extra" sounds abound (one member plays "extra guitar", percussion and keyboards). But all of those parts come together really well and with a lot of creativity. I think this is definitely worth a listen!


The Coffin Wheels release DVRK CVTS MMXV EP

The Coffin Wheels - DVRK CVTS MMXV EP

In time for Halloween, The Coffin Wheels have given us three dark n' dirty instrumentals. "Astroy all Destromen" is the fastest, followed by two creepier ones. Good horror surf with some punchy metal-styled drumming. You can stream it on bandcamp, but perplexingly you'll have to shell out $10 for this 3-song EP: more than their LPs! EDIT: Much more devilish price now


Messer Chups release The Incredible Crocotiger

Messer Chups - The Incredible Crocotiger

The Messer Chups don't quit! The Russian trio have been moving at a steady pace of one album every two years (or better). This one's got plenty of the semi-trad off-kilter instrumentals they've been at for a while, but with a small helping of rockabilly and a little more saxophone than we've been accustomed to from them!

Still weird. And the album art plays well to my Louisiana tastes.


The Sloptones release Demon-Haunted

The Sloptones - Demon Haunted

The Sloptones just snuck onto my radar recently with their EP Noir City but their 3-song EPs sound pretty promising so far. Each of the 3 songs on Demon Haunted are pretty great horror surf with all the ugly chords you want from that genre. They've upped their price on this one to a whole $1 to download.... and with free streaming on bandcamp when you click to read more.



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