El Mounstro de la Laguna Chiquichano release TRELEWAYO

El Mounstro de la Laguna Chiquichano - TRELEWAYO

Surf is usually pretty analog, even in one-man home studio incarnations, so it's always a little strange to hear projects like this. While most tracks still have recognizable reverbed surf guitar, just about everything else is unabashed drum machine, electric keyboard, and synthesized sounds. And it's pretty fun! Definitely has a bedroom project feel, but still has a surf pace and surf song structures.


Nahuelaizers release En vivo en Pub Interview (Bariloche)

Nahuelaizers - En vivo en Pub Interview (Bariloche)

For those with weak spanish, these 9 songs were recorded live at place named "Pub Interview" in Bariloche, Argentina. So don't expect an interview, expect fast, loud, and chaotic surf tunes. For a live recording everything comes out sounding pretty nice and gives them a rawness that might have been missing from some of their previous material.



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