Post date: 10/05/2015 - 14:04
Today's picks

Went downright nuts picking up instrumentals at the Ponderosa Stomp Record Show this weekend, so a HUGE amount of today's show will be vintage. But you can still expect to hear some new 13th Magic Skull, Twang-o-Matics, Night Birds, Compartmentalizationists, Die Krabben, Men from SPECTRE and more. 

As for what I played last week

satan's pilgrims - fur-lined speedo (frankenstomp)
the concussions - fur-lined speedo (break up with)
messer chups - crocotiger (the incredible croco-tiger)
los kahunas - Ace Of Spades (wrayhunas)
davie allan & the arrows - quiver (king of the fuzz guitar)

the atlantics - bombora (45)
the apaches - hey, sorrento (45)
the fabulous continentals - Undertow (45)
the vikings - Nicotine (45)
the dunes - sloppy jalopy (45)

the woggles - zombie stomp (get tough)
los straitjackets - space mosquito (jet set)
3 balls of fire - loaded (somewhere on the deep blue pacific)
ghost coast - katharine's theme (ghost coast)
the golden breed - coral below (the golden breed)

the twang-o-matics - la pachuca (rock havoc)
boss fink - t'rantula crawl (r.p.m.)
hangee v - what was it? (unpleasantly yours)
the compartmentalizationists - katherine the tornado (sutures)
die krabben - lgblt (mining the gyre)
balu & die surfgrammeln - Comanche (los chicharrones del surf)
jon & the nightriders - I think I'm surfing japanese (california fun 7")


13th magic skull - brave coast wild recordings (eta carinae)
the langhorns - wet wedding (club gabardino)
9th wave - storm rider (surf denial)
davie allan & the arrows - the 7th cavalry (50th anniversary)
the mortals - blues theme (ritual dimension of sound)
the surfites - the angry breed - danger '66 (surfites & co.)
blackball bandits - escape in durango (demo)
tremolo beer gut - junkie tools (nous sommes the tremolo beer gut)
the protons - be prepared for a fantastic adventure into the future (out of phase)
DEMON VENDETTA - beach of the damned (vigilante surf)
the hellbenders - the gunman left standing (have a good funeral my friend...)

Post date: 09/28/2015 - 13:59

Make sure to tune in TODAY to hear an interview with Davie Allan!

messer chups - war party (the incredible croco-tiger)
burt rocket - fiberglass frenzy (fiberglass frenzy)
atomic 7 - funeral hotpants (en hillbilly caliente)
the whys - bye bye beach (sanjyo)
rondo hatton - switchblade (breaking the sound barrier)

the apaches - Geronimo - 45
link wray & the wraymen - run, chicken, run - 45
the rondels - zombie (honkers & twangers)
the impacts - fort lauderdale (wipe out)
the vikings - sneaky surfin' - 45
the piltdown men - big lizzard - 45
the new dimensions - soul breakout (soul)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - mexico (king of the surf guitar)

balu & die surfgrammeln - der zerfall von backerbsen (los chicharrones del surf)
famous monsters - destroy puny earthlings (in the night!!!)
The derangers - the impaler (the legend of daphne blue)
eddie angel - lynxtail (lynxtail/rampage)

davie allan & the arrows - blues trip (cycle-delic sounds)
3 balls of fire - rumble in the congo (firepower)
boogie nazis - Spaghetti (no coast)
anonymou hentchmen - worthy adversary (dial "h" for hentchmen)
Atomic Mosquitos - Jaan Pehechaan Ho (bug music for bug people)

ghost coast - wall of water (demo)
the compartmentalizationists - 8 and a half rumba master (sutures)
treble spankers - jaa-rabbi (hasheeda)
north shore troubadors - fat rats (original motion picture soundtrack)
the 'verb - love theme from "a 'verb in despair" (only 'verb can break your heart)

the keymen - Boy Blue (that's swift! instrumentals from the norman petty vault)
el mounstro de la laguna chiquichano - surf paradise (trelewayo)
the echoes - cloak and dagger (telstars, mexicans, manhunts, and wonderful lands)
men from s.p.e.c.t.r.e. - jungle flood (the craw)
sandy nelson - casbah (drums a go-go)

satan's pilgrims - ben tenaka (frankenstomp)
los galerna - jaguar stomp (sangre en el atlantico)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - sputnik monroe (fried on the altar of good taste)
the revomatics - kgb (we come in peace)
sir bald diddley & his wigouts - absolute zero (the man with two left hands)
slacktone - tidal wave (slacktone)
beware the danger of a ghost scorpion - satan's invisible world... revealed! (blood drinkers only)
blackball bandits - along highway 375 (demo)
the five outsiders - el hobo (on the run)
Man or Astro-Man? - codebreaker seventy-eight (defcon 5...4...3...2...1...)
the (fabulous) wailers - we're going surfin' (tall cool one)

Post date: 09/21/2015 - 14:22

This show was entirely loud, fast and intense music in 30 minute blocks

the apemen - surf dracula (7 inches of love)
the protons - the earth will die! (out of phase)
coffin daggers - the thing (cats eyes Ep)
los shains - Shains-A-Go-Go (strummin mental volume 3)
dick dale - nitrus (calling up spirits)
surf report - fishtail (lavarockreverb)
the barbwires - the cheater (searider)
the madeira - caravela (ancient winds)
the abominable showmen - 26 alpha 20 (the abominable showmen)
the alohas - atlantica (get leid with)
the original surfaris - bombora! (bombora!)

the trademarks - baha-ree-ba - 45
speedball jr. - cor steijn rides the wild (treble in paradise)
the invisible surfers - burned brain (till that day)
king beez - rise of the shadow people (deathproof vol. 2)
rapido t lusso - caffeine racer (caffeine racer ep)
the all-nighters - escape from the nuthouse (dance til' dawn)
bob moore and the temps - trophy run (wail on the beach)
switch trout - don't you stand in my way (brown trout)
the del-vipers - sex cauldron (terror of the del-vipers)
the sea lions - wrath of the polar bear (7")
the spiedels - Misirlou (waikiki surf battle)

DEMON VENDETTA - jaguar god (vigilante surf)
the irradiates - audrey jr (revenge of the plants)
the surf demons - firewater (?)
robert johnson and the punchdrunks - surf as houdini (cinema scope-a-dope)
the deadbeats - obey (day of the deadbeats)
el ray - car hire from hell (highwave to hell)
retrofuguetes - as criaturas enjauladas do circo espacial d moscou (ativar retrofoquetes)
mammoth torta - glass axe (mammoth torta 7")
tequila worms - nitro (tequila worms)
hawaii samurai - blastin' days in honolulu écouter (the shape of surf to come)
the infra-men - mercy kill (mercy kill a burning man)
the x-terminators - x-termination (strummin mental volume 4)

swami john reis & the blind shake - See Saw (modern surf classics)
man... or astroman? - alpha surfari (project infinity)
die krabben - the toad (welcome to surf trash island)
howling guitar - Crypt Keeper (motor noise)
the bills - straight from the gutter + the maggot + apollo creed (live at WTUL)
the defiant ones - pitch black (super secret disaster)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - bug terminal (bug terminal)
kill, baby...kill! - stop off in ridgeview (human sounds vol. one)
spaceguards - chase (multivision)
cosmic monster - knifehead (knifehead / the drift)
daikaiju - spiral serpent strike (monsters of surf)

Post date: 09/14/2015 - 08:28

the dynotones - gear grinder (beach party a-go-go)
manuel and the renegades - rev-up (45)
jim messina and his jesters - high voltage (the dragsters)
the surfites - thou shalt drag (big pounder)
the dragsters - dragster beach (stoked)

gene moles and the softwinds - burnin' rubber (surf & drag vol 1)
the hornets - roostertail (Big Drag Boats USA)
bobby fuller - the lonely dragster (Never to Be Forgotten)
jan davis - boss machine (45)
the vettes - shutdown king (rev-up)
the t-bones - rail vette (boss drag)
fender benders - drag strip (some kinda nut missing links vol 3)
hal blaine - challenger ii (Deuces, Ts, Roadsters & Drums)

the finks - the eliminator (fill'er up and go)
showman & the thunderous staccatos - hot rod race (speed crazy) (eat my dust ass'hole)
hypnomen - satan at the wheel (watusi 99)
the el caminos - death race (reverb explosion)
the dead rocks - crazy race rock (one million dollar surf band)

the duals - stick shift (45)
the dragsters - ferrarri ii (hey little cobra - drag city)
the deuce coupes - double-a fueler (hotrodders' choice)
the scramblers - around the oval (cycle psychos)
the hot rodders - drag shoot (big hot rod)

boss fink - snake bite (r.p.m.)
hodaddys - rumblin' rod (hod rods 'n surf)
mach kung fu - mega cycle (the fabulous mach kung fu)
the winners - cops and rodders (checkered flag)
the nematoads - squid racer (spy car mechanic)

the surfaris - point panic (surf party!)
the dave myers effect - hell's racers (greatest racing themes)
the hang-ten hangmen - Shut Em Down in Zombie Town (Wet Sounds)
the 427's - stingray shuffle no.1 (surf noir)
the supertones - scrambler (surf fever 2000)

the barbwires - Go Go Gasoline (searider)
the fantastic 3 - dragster (14 favorites!!!)
rapido t lusso - Road Rash (caffeine racer ep)
toni ok - devil racers (golden guitar mood)
Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory - v-8 death race (crime scenes and murder songs from...)
man... or astroman? - nitrous burn out 2012 (intravenous television continuum)
the surfaders - dragstrip murder mystery (dragstrip murder mystery)
king beez - race with the devil (deathproof vol. 1)
Jack Nitzsche - the last race (45)
Davie Allen & The Arrows - devil's angel (devils angels)

Post date: 09/07/2015 - 08:57

bang! mustang! - teahupoo stomp (the big twang theory)
c&c surf factory - takeshiesque (garage city)
Langhorns - in your fez (mission exotica)
the trabants - white fire (FREAKOUT)

link wray and the wraymen - the sweeper - 45
the breakers - jet stream (strummin mental volume four)
bo diddley - old smokey (bo diddley beach party)
freddie king - king-a-ling - 45
sandy nelson - Boot-leg (drums a go-go)
the astronauts - el aguila (the eel) (competition couope)

eddie angel - Rampage (7")
the trashwomen - daddy love (spend the night with)
the surfaris - scratch (hit city '64)
rat holic - run! run! (wipe out with...)
impala - venus flytrap (kings of the strip)
the delusionaires - the regretable act (flooze party)

the charades - kinda kinky (all around the world with)
the nelsonics - 20 fathoms down (the nelsonics)
progressives - Man Of Mystery (lost legends of surf guitar vol 3)
the supertones - scrambler (surf fever 2000)
the tremolo beer gut - pet sounds (the inebriated sounds of)

watang! - return of the dragon lady (miss wong)
the reigning monarchs - the bonneville mix 2.0 (
bevel emboss - i thought she was there (celluloid)
the madeira - Leviathan (ancient winds)

the tornados - earthy (telstar)
the hypnomen - lucumba (watusi 99)
brian tyler - astro (six string cinema)
the growlers - hula hula hideout (Hot Tropics)
omar khorshid - sidi monsour (guitar el chark)

13th magic skull - twistin' massai (sungazing in rapa nui)
the mofos - crack (six pack performance)
the good the bad - 19 (from 018 to 033)
threesome - Combo Swell (On Tour)
dinosaur ghost - jeff goldblum (dinosaur ghost)
Atomic Mosquitos - pluto's revenge! (bug music for bug people)
the surf coasters - Intruder (waitin' 4 the surf)
beachmover - storm drain (beachmover)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - fuck computers (bug terminal)
man... or astroman? - trapazoid (spectrum of an infiinite scale)
the monterreys - vidorra (the pharoah)
the monterreys - shish kebab (the pharoah)

Post date: 08/30/2015 - 23:38

los tiki phantoms - piña colada - y el misterio del talismán (self-released)
the del-vipers - la - terror of the del-vipers (double crown records)
the other timelines - vampcamp - the other timelines (double crown)
barbacoa - pounding surf - barbacoa (self-released)
bombón - La Sirena - a date with bombón (burger)

the blazers - the masked grandma - wax, board and woodie (Varese Sarabande)
dave myers & the surf tones - white water - moment of truth (sundazed)
the de-fenders - skin diver - del-fi hotrodders (del-fi)
the challengers - cruel sea - sidewalk surfing! (sundazed)
the champs - wing ding - the champs & fabulous cyclones (design)
the defiants - surfer's twist - 45 (baronet)
the astronauts - batman - surfin' with the astronauts (rca victor)

the tomorrowmen - tempus fugitive - futourism (double crown)
laika & the cosmonauts - kiiriminna (o dai) - instruments of terror (upstart)
the shadows - atlantis - 20 golden classics (emi)
the madeira - Farthest Shore - ancient winds (double crown)

the madeira - sandstorm - sandstorm (double crown)
the coffin daggers - sandstorm - the coffin daggers (self-released)
johnny and the hurricanes - sandstorm - 45 (warwick)
the fatimas - sandstorm - teen beat vol 4 -
bitch boys - sandstorm - ride the first wave (golly gee)
the sportsmen - sandstorm - surf guitars rumble (surf)

west samoa surfer league - stringer - moments of truth ep (self-released)
simon jones - surfer's guitar - instrumentals vol. 1 (tremolo)
bonney & buzz - thunderbird road - rock-ola (double crown)
brillantinas - nessuno me puo giugicare - pulp-a-mandrilla (self-released)
the tornados - ridin' the wind - ridin' the wind (london)

thurston lava tube - shit weasel - the pink elephant with nipples for tusks (self-released)
the nocabouts - jungle safari - jungle exotica vol 1 (strip)
oskar benas y los herejes instro combo - leon mutante - obylhic (self-released)

c&c surf factory - cobra basket - garage city (six shooter)
boss fink - snake & mongoose - r.p.m. (double crown)
tigers of the sea - out of the sea (and into the night) - tigers of the sea ep (self-released)
los wet guitars - Monta La Ola - majestic (self-released)
rapido t lusso - caffeine racer - caffeine racer ep (self-released)
esquivo devoluto - comboio - boom! (self-released)
the surf coasters - work song - waitin' 4 the surf (victor entertainment)
the mullet monster mafia - sinister people secrets - power surf orchestra (self-released)
os brutus - nabila - übersurf (baratos afins)
Atomic Mosquitos - The Bloodening - bug music for bug people (self-released)
king beez - Dia De Muertos - deathproof vol. 2 (self-released)
the del-toros - 2 feet on the ground - surfvival of the rockest (self-released)
richie allen and the pacific surfers - surf man - toes on the nose (ace)

Post date: 08/24/2015 - 08:38

bombón - swedish fish (a date with bombón)
tigers of the sea - thundergash (tigers of the sea ep)
the tiki creeps - bottom feeder (idol worship)
Jerry Cole - midnight surfer (outer limits)
la luz - TV Dream (brainwash EP)

the run-a-ways - Night Creature (shreveport stomp)
the vibrasonics - drag race (surf guitars rumble)
the truants - the truant (lost legends of surf guitar vol iv)
the night beats - exotic (tabu!)
five more - Avalanche (surf-age nuggets)
the esquires - Mr. Moto (suomalasia rautalankaaanityksia)
Duane Eddy - Eve of Destruction (duane does dylan)

the good the bad - 34 (from 034 to 050)
the concussions - hairy son (break up with)
link wray - slinky (link wray and the wraymen)
davie allan and the arrows - heavenly blues (retrophonic)
javalins - javalins beat (javalins beat)

the other timelines - bella doge (the other timelines)
the tremolo beer gut - the last booze fighter (under the influence of...)
huntington cads - new dimension (introduce the new sound of)
the infrareds - the outskirts (the infrareds)
Laika and the Cosmonauts - o.c.c.c. (oahu community correctional center) (amazing colossal band)
marshall and the martins - dammit ferricks (boston beans)
appalachian surf team - ojo del tigre (live at pilot light)

the barbwires - Waimanalo (searider)
swami john reis & the blind shake - the lonely sea sweeper (modern surf classics)
the tomorrowmen - hemispherical synchronization (futourism)
tarantinos nyc - fistful of reverb (super sounds of the cinema)

oskar benas y los herejes instro combo - kolore hit (obylhic)
the raulis - chicken haole (the raulis)
the dave myers effect - silent screamer (greatest racing themes)

Atomic Mosquitos - pluto's revenge! (bug music for bug people)
boss fink - dig it (r.p.m.)
the del-vipers - Creepy T (terror of the del-vipers)
os brutus - sting of the reverb (übersurf)
switch trout - pedal pressure (bomb the radio) (psycho action!)
ramblin' ambassadors - superbee (ramble on)
this machine kills robots - harbour house (a history of violent crimes in the darkkest corners of the ocean floor)
DEMON VENDETTA - beach of the damned (vigilante surf)
rapido t lusso - we're gonna feed your voodoo ass to the lions (caffeine racer ep)
the del-toros - silverdust 78 (surfvival of the rockest)
the madeira - caravela (ancient winds)

Post date: 08/17/2015 - 07:52

bitch boys - Banzai Washout (ride the first wave)
the new dimensions - bongo shutdown (the best of)
ghastly ones - hollywood nocturne (a-haunting we will go-go)
tusnamish - más alla de la cortina (tsunamish vs los fantasmas)
los blue marinos - infeccioso (off the lip)

thom starr and the galaxies - Heatwave (south bay surf)
the sentinals - exotica (sunset beach, best of the sentinals)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - surf buggy (greatest hits 1961-1976)
PJ & the Galaxies - comin' home baby (rare surf vol. 1)
the terri-tones - go - 45

the phantom surfers - horror beach (18 deadly ones)
9th wave - atlantic surfer (surf denial)
the mystery men - the age of envy (sonos delirium)
the aquaholics - 1923 (psycho satanic surf party)
southern culture on the skids - wig-out (ditch diggin')

los holy's - holy's psicodelicos - 45
super stocks - gridiron goodie (the complete recordings)
los straitjackets - close to champaign (the velvet touch of...)
el ray - The Agent vs. the Next Mexican (highwave ot hell)
the born losers - fast shift (cycle guitars)
la luz - oranges (weirdo shrine)

the tomorrowmen - back to reality (futourism)
the baltic side - Pilgrim (hope)
electrohumedos - apocalypsis psicotronico (electrohumedo's first album)
the fathoms - dune buggy (fathomless)
les agamemnonz - Apollo (les agamemnonz)

the ted taylor four - cats eyes (hank, bruce, bert, joe, big jim & more)
the mermen - meandher (songs of the cows)
khruangbin - chom nang (chatri sichon) (history of flight)
oskar benas - igloo en el surfat (hereje del mar)

the tiki creeps - tiki creepin' (idol worship)
appalachian surf team - rodfather (live at pilot light)
the archers - costa rica carnage (7"s and stuff)
os brutus - jacques o monstro (übersurf)
surf report - knuckle sandwich (lavarockreverb)
jonny & the shamen - monsters from the id (operation: twang!)
los coronas - terrible wavers (the vivid sounds of)
the royal fingers - ace of toyota (wild eleki deluxe)
the del-vipers - Disaster magnet (terror of the del-vipers)
rapido t lusso - Road Rash (caffeine racer ep)
the barbwires - crazy kooters (...sounds like trouble)

Post date: 08/10/2015 - 07:47

los blue marinos - adventure reef (off the lip)
los protones - dr. esqueleto (20 monstruos 2007-2015)
els a-phonics - the whisky-a-go-go raiders (& friends)
el capitan and the band with no name - mallacan straights (death of a tiki)
LOS FRENETICOS - frenetiqueando (el playa)

daringers - morgus creep (morgus wails with the daringers)
the sentinals - big surf (sunset beach, best of the sentinals)
the hollywood persuaders - Rush Street (drums a-go-go)
the revels - intoxica (intoxica!!! the best of)
the tarantulas - tarantula - 45
davie allan and the arrows - another cycle in detroit (cycle-delic sounds)

la luz - hey papi (weirdo shrine)
os brutus - trash & twang (übersurf)
the delusionaires - the scuzz (flooze party)
the surf zombies - rock & roll apeman (it's a... thing!)
susan & the surftones - tabur (the originals)

the ultras - rocket boy (rocket jockey soundtrack)
great white caps - el bravo (screech beach!)
the aquasonics - the jester (play songs for the surfin' set)
twin tones - ultimo tren a el paso (capello di mariachi)
beachmasters - BuzzSaw (beachmasters)
legato vipers - chocolate milkshake (lv)

the tomorrowmen - parsec's paradox (futourism)
the baltic side - rainbow (hope)
the quiets - Desperado (the many faces of)
the falcons - Rikki (queen of diamonds)
the monterreys - the pharoah (the pharoah)

the surfites - the excelsiors/strange planet (the surfites & co.)
The Tielman Brothers - April In Paris (Good For Gold)
perro agradecido cumbia - tranquilandia (ánima en pena: sesión en vivo)
Ursula 1000 - Nightcap (kinda' kinky)
the spotlights - dayflower - 45

appalachian surf team - raking the lawn (live at pilot light)
timecop beach party - reach the beach/rule the pool (transmission received: hang ten!)
kingargoolas - break beach (the mullet monster mafia) (ao vivo na rádio cadillacs)
the spoils - affinity fraud (have a drink with)
the abominable showmen - 26 alpha 20 (the abominable showmen)
kfm - el toro! (creatures)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - fuck computers (bug terminal)
the volcanics - Kanack Attack (the lonely one)
the palermo surf experience - gin atomic (far from famous)
the tiki creeps - buzz bomb (invaders from beyond the sound barrier)
the tomorrowmen - futourism (tunak tunak tun)

Post date: 08/03/2015 - 08:32

the starfires - Somethin' Else (surf guitars rumble)
the revomatics - hot rod strut (we come in peace)
los javelin - la bronka club (surfabilly & roll)
danny & the demons - Countdown (strummin mental part three)
huaraches - a fast one (the huaraches ride)

the chantays - blunderbus (pipeline)
the centurions - body surfin' (Bullwinkle Part II)
bob vaught and the renegaids - makaha (surf crazy)
the del-vettes - ram charger (pebbles vol 4)
the rangers - Ghost Riders In The Sky - 45
the fabulous wailers - snake pit (the crest masters)

the 427's - the spy invasion (mavericks)
the intoxicators - indira (i dreamed the best part)
the sand-dunes - hula morbida (attack of the bloodbeast from outer space)
the tormentos - take off or die (grab your board)
beachmasters - surfin' ayatollah (beach masters)

the del-lagunas - exotic (exotic b/w twine time)
the mel-tones - breakers at hanalei (surf sensation)
the razorblades - girl in the front row (the dark side of the beach)
susan surftone - night waves (blue light at midnight)
expressway sketches - one eyed jack (love surf music)

the baltic side - believe (hope)
el capitan and the band with no name - mai kai robles (death of a tiki)
hacienda - big red (big red & barbacoa)
el ray - three kinds of meat (the evil mermaid)

perro agradecido cumbia - asimismo (ánima en pena: sesión en vivo)
cacique - cacique (back to perú vol. 2)
the krew kats - the bat (telstars, mexicans, manhunts & wonderful lands)
the trabants - xj13 (FREAKOUT)
the break - day 300 (space farm)

timecop beach party - set phasers to chill (transmission received: hang ten!)
Langhorns - Pit stop stampede (club gabardino)
os brutus - the sting of the reverb (ubersurf)
the volcanos - beatnik bandit (surf quake)
the volcanics - trick shot (the lonely one)
bang! mustang! - giant zora (surfin' n.s.a.)
evan foster - surfer's anthem (instrumentals)
monterreys - dirty spurs (the pharoah)
speedball jr - laguna beach (for the broad minded)
arno de cea & the clockwork wizards - bug terminal (bug terminal)


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