Playlist! Blood Wave of Brutality: HOLLEREEN SHOW 2019

the nebulas - Moon's Haunted (Gruesome Twosome)
The Atomic Mosquitos - The bloodening (California Swarming)
The Black Flamingos - Haunted Hall (Play Speedway and Other Hits)
The Volcanics - The Creature (Forgotten Cove)
Messer Chups - Midnight Call (Mondo Harp)

Gary "Spider" Webb - The Cave (Part 1) (45)
The Ventures - The Swinging Creeper (45)
The Moontrekkers - there's something at the bottom of the well (45)
The Daringers - Morgus Creep (45)
The Nomads - Nightwalk (45)
frankie stein & his ghouls - Monser-Motion (Ghoul Music)

The Hamiltones - Flowers for Wolfman (in human form) (The Shape of Water)
Odicolon - Bloodstained Shoes (Dracula's Dreams)
The Honeybrains - Meek the Tarantula (Freaked and Sentimental)
The Volcano Kings - Nightmare Bayou Creature Goes To Prom! (An Exotic Monster Beach Party in Outer Space)

Black Valley Moon - The Devil's Chair (The Baleful Sounds of Black Valley Moon)
Famous Monsters - Boo! (hoo hoo) (Q. Knock Knock. A. Halloween!)
The Other Timelines - Ill Fantasma Rosso (Gruesome Twosome)
Zombie Zen A Go-Go - The Creeper No. 2 (Zombie Zen A Go Go)
The Bradipos IV - Ghost Hop (Lost Waves)
Vice Barons - Menaces sous la Terre (Friends In Low Places)

Sheverb - Nowhere Wolf (Putamulletonit)
Death Wave - Sarcophagus Surf (Mare Incognitum)
the delstroyers - The Bogey Man (Resurrected)
The Ghastly Ones - Shockmonster Stomp (Target Draculon)

Kreeps - Monster King Theme (Tales from Grim County)
Galactic Gold - Creep Lurkers (Digital Vape)
Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Smelly Candy (Happy Halloween)
CAT SITH - Black Raven (outsider)

Jan Davis - Watusi Zombie (Jungle Exotica vol. 1)
Blackball Bandits - Nightmare Frontier (tales from the shadows)
The Perks - Tiki Creeps (Tyrantula)
The KBK - Something on the Wing (Acute Exposure: The First Ten Years)
Genki Genki Panic - Werewolf By Night (Spooky Fingers)
Evil Waves - Castle Bravo (Death Waltz)
Bobby's Bar - gate of terror (shrunken head familia)
Hell-O-Tiki - the Ever-Living (Hell O TIki)
estrume'n'tal - marcha funebre (surfme'n'tal)
Gary "Spider" Webb - The Cave (Part 2) (45)
Demon Vendetta - So Nice (Danse du Vice, de l'Horreur et de l'Extase)


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