playlist! Spaghetti for Thanksgiving 2019

the ramblin' ambassadors - sixty seconds to what? (avanti)
Black Valley Moon - The Ballad Of Ransom Clark (The Baleful Sounds Of Black Valley Moon Vol. 1)
Said the Ripper - Ricky the Gambler (The Hanging At Barbed Wire)
doyley and the twanglords - Django il bastardo (twang solo)

ennio morricone - l'homme a 'harmonica (7")
The James Boys - Stampede (45)
The Chiefs - Apache! (45)
Los Aragon - El Bueno, El Malo y El Feyo (45)
Centochitarre - Titoli (Centochitarre)
The Chiefs - Tom Tom (45)

The Calderas - Train to Tucumcari (Opus)
The Sonoras - La Danza de los Espiritus (El Baile Del Silencio)
Dome la Muerte EXP - Visions of Ashvin (Lazy Sunny Day)
The Supertones - For a Few Dollars More (Unknown and Other Hits from Outer Space)
The Me Gustas - Trinity (Burn the Breeze)

Los Caminos - Sentenza
The Flying Faders - Vengo Por el Diente (Tectonic Shifts)
The Jagaloons - Tijuana Sauna (Ruin the Party)
Impala - Taos Pueblo (Play R&B Favorites)
Leroy Holmes - Ole Turkey Buzzard (Once Upon a TIme in the West)

Durango14 - Five Points (Gigante Panamericana)
Los Plantronics - Beatnick Bandolero (is coming to town) (Columbian Necktie)
The Cops - Spaghetti Western (Crime Wave)
Guns of Utopia - Jack of All Trades (Mise en place!)

Bruno Nicolai - Il Mio Nome (The Ecstasy of Gold vol 2)
John Lee - In the Wind (The Nature Series)
The Cholla - Gerudo Valley (Link of the Surf Guitar)

Ennio Morricone - Un Tetto di Stelle (e per tetto un ciello di stelle)
Gold Dust Lounge - Desperado (Gold Dust Lounge)
Voltz Supreme - We Wait (Western Music)
Amphibian Man - Apache Pass (Desert Songs)
The Hellbenders - the gunman left standing (today we kill... tomorrow we die)
federale - the road to el rey (Music from 'La Rayar')
trabants - The Hard Path Home (Nel Cuore Di Una Terra Selvaggia (In the Heart of a Savage Land))
mondo sangue - renegade lovers (gambe!) (No Place for a Man)
Michele Lacerenza - Contro I Nemici (The Ecstasy Of Gold - Vol. 4 - 26 Killer Bullets From the Spaghetti West)
Luis Bacalov - django instrumental (django)


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