The Unnaturals release Face the Dreaded Kimono Dragon

The Unnaturals - Face the Dreaded Kimono Dragon

The Unnaturals have been showing New Orleanians what instrumental rock & roll is about since before I found my way to a local frequency, and we're lucky to have such a unique group stick around this long.

They're frequently lumped into surf, though I wouldn't go there and I don't think they have a particular attachment to that word either. They've found a three-piece setup that works really well for them with Jenn Attaway growling away on the bass and keeping things moving while Kevin Bowles on guitar has a tendency to slip into some front-stage shredding at a moments notice. It's surprising how well it works and how fresh it stays. They keep each other in check, keep it rockin' and rollin' instead of too far up their own instrumental exploration.

The second track "Beach Bumz" is a bit of a surprise and the addition of keys to the song suits them well. It's got a lot more hooks than anything I've heard from them and it's amazing how well they pull it off, but the more classic Unnaturals like "Dancehall Massacre" and "Pasties and Tassels" (which really puts the bass front and center) are still a ton of fun. Really, there's no particular weak point here, it's well-produced and fun through-out, and sits nicely next to their also-great record Attack of the 50-Foot Betty.

Also want to mention: definitely thought about Kimono Dragon as a Halloween costume.

If you want a copy I'd suggest sending a message to the band through .


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