Today's Show and Last Week's Playlist

today's plays

Well this past week didn't yield all that much new material, but it looks beautiful outside and I've got plenty of stuff that oughta sound just perfect. That's all we can really ask for, right? Got a good chunk of the weird stuff too.

As for last week:


els a-phonics - el torcal (els a-phonics & friends)
els a-phonics - alburfera stomp (els a-phonics & friends)
the shivas - ride on (you know what to do)
los straitjackets - hornet's nest (the velvet touch of...)

the rondels - 110 lbs of drums (45)
jonnie & the cyclones - scrub bucket (fast track)
b. brock and the sultans - 30 lb beetle (do the beetle)
the beachcombers - purple peanuts (frolic diner vol. 3)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - take it off (surfer's choice)
the tramps - maharadja (surfin' on wave nine)

impala - jet action brunette (night full of sirens: anthology 93-97)
LOS FRENETICOS - el mentalista (el sonido que perdura)
the intoxicators - the goat (i dreamed the best part)
the finks - hang on (fill 'er up and go!)
the kanaloas - the bronze bull (surf a go go)
barbacoa - surfers curse (italian medallion)

the concussions - hairy son (break up with)
THE 4 el-moroccos - to-bango (strummin mental part 2)
mach kung fu - teach a chick to dance (teach a chick to dance)
albert king - dyna flow (45)
link wray - rumble (the link wray rumble)

the good the bad - 39 (from 034 to 050)
the reigning monarchs - fanfare for the well-dressed man (the reigning monarchs)
diabolico coupe - donnie the surfer (little carmine)
el gran miercoles - veracruz 4 (this is surf-steady)
Langhorns - Slipstream (mission exotica)
al casey - lonely surfer (surfin' hootenanny)

spies who surf - cyanide junkie (calling all martians)
condor gruppe - digging for gold (4 track demo)
big lazy - skinless boneless (big lazy)
the hypnomen - shalamar (watusi 99)
the phantom four - montego breaks (mandira)

13th magic skull - eta carinae (brave coats wild recordings)
the bomboras - Playa De Los Muertos (head shrinkin' fun)
wild sammy & the royaltones - wild jet beach (speed crazy)
switch trout - just a little bit of your soul (blow mind! here are the trouts)
sir bald diddley and his right honourable big wigs - re-intensified (what's in the fridge)
the ramblin' ambassadors - cupcakes de milo (vista cruiser country squire)
estrume'n'tal - sulvacation (neander'n'tal)
el fossil - masterblaster (escape from crabhorse island)
hawaii samurai - blastin' days in honolulu ├ęcouter (the shape of surf to come)
the chemist and the acevities - let's dissolve all the bankers (the anarcho surf laboratory co)
threesome - hydro-active desert (On Tour)
mike barbwire & the blue ocean orchestra - mono island (el surfista de mambo)


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