Today's Show and Last Week's Playlist

Today's Plays

Really excited about today's show! Not only did I get some stuff in the mail (including a shipment of Peruvian 45s!), but also found a few things at the Record Raid this past weekend, AND got a ginormous shipment of 90s-early 200s CDs from a very generous listener. Thanks Steve!

Here's what happened last week


burt rocket - fiberglass frenzy (fiberglass frenzy)
les surfsonics - curl rider (les surfsonic's)
the volcanics - the sabotage (stompin' garage)
the volcanos - beatnik bandit (surf quake)
the daytonas - Stampede (parabolica)

Dick Dale & his del-tones - nitro fuel (mr eliminator)
richie allen and the pacific surfers - surfer's delight (the rising surf)
jim waller & the deltas - body wompin' (surfin' wild)
the starfires - billy's blues (45)
kenny & the sulatans - the wipe out (beach party garpax surf n drag)
the impacts - mr. x (merrel & the exiles and more)
the torquays - escondido (beach party - garpax surf 'n drag)

the aqua barons - harbour love (southeast stompers)
los venturas - el rey de los cielos (hiles high)
the el caminos - death race (behind the surf)
hodaddys - Capsized (hot rods n' surf)
the charades - ambulante a go go (all around the world with)
speedball jr - tiki p.i. (tiki p.i.)

the hangee V - nightfall (unpleasantly yours)
tsunamibots - in the belly of the bot (surfing craze in the robotic age)
the omega men - flat tire (the spy fi sounds of the omega men)
the mighty gordinis - Hallucinations (fueled on fuzz)

the barbwires - the cheater (searider)
the reigning monarchs - fanfare for the well-dressed man (the reigning monarchs)
the dynotones - blood & sand (the dynotones)
this machine kills robots - dark water (a history of violent crimes in the darkkest corners of the ocean floor)
the necronomikids - rocket man (necronomikids)

gasolines - catamarĂ£ (jungle surfers)
johnny guitar - ? (johnny guitar)
odicolon - bloodstained shoes (dracula's dreams)
hikury beach - ricken backer (soy el diablo)

bamboogie injections - bog formation (wild dandelion stomping)
bang! mustang! - echobrain mantra (surfin' n.s.a.)
the one night standards - dragline (octane)
invisible surfers - bad brakes (till that day)
the woggles - sweet tea (tempo tantrum)
the mag seven - suckers to the side (knife to a gunfight)
the coffin daggers - cat's eyes (cat's eyes 7")
man... or astroman? - Escape Velocity (project infinity)
robert johnson & the punchdrunks - les adventures de tintin (aloha from havana)
the beyonderers - full metal bonnet (fourth wave)
the vice barons - hangover special (steel blue moods)
Les Tigres du Futur - les chiennes du maharaja (collection illusion sonores vol. 2)


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