Steelism at Chickee Wah Wah on Thursday (the 14th)

Steelilsm in New Orleans

Meant to get this out earlier but this Thursday the 14th Steelism is playing Chickee Wah Wah in New Orleans at 9pm.

Steelism's 2014 album "615 to Fame" was a gem. Admittedly I hadn't had much time to take it in when I was working on the Gremmy Awards at the end of the year, but in hindsight it might have earned a nomination. It has great melodies and every track is remarkably different from the last. My fiancee goes nuts for steel guitar, so I've heard an awful lot of it, and I've heard their steel guitarist Spencer Cullum jump around about every style of steel guitar I've heard from Roy Smeck to Speedy West to The Campbell Brothers to Bill Elm to a few total mysteries. Spencer, if you happen to be reading this, buy that compilation "Bollywood Steel Guitar", it's the one steel guitar frontier that I don't think I heard on your record.

If you haven't picked it up from everything I've typed so far, this isn't really surf, but it is instrumental, and plain ol' electric guitar is just as prominent as the steel guitar. It's easy on the ears, not especially strange, and I think most surf fans should eat 'em right up.

to Chickee Wah Wah's website for more about the show.

Here's a youtube.


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