The Splashdowns release Rocket Tales

The Splashdowns - Rocket Tales

Splashdown is when a spacecraft hits the water upon reentry into Earth's atmosphere. When astronauts go from space to surf.  It's a great name for the splashdowns, who mix a semi-trad surf sound with a sense of cosmic wonder and adventure. Think  rather than Man... or Astro-man?, with a non-aggressive, thoughtful surf approach and not much reliance on out-there effects. There's a surprising amount of variety too. My favorite on here is "Springboard into Space" which achieves that sense of outer space sparseness and intrigue despite a brass complement. That's followed up by a jazzier "Apollo 1/4 to 8 - Apollo 8" and there's a latin jazz influence on "Joe Cube Meets the Splashdowns Uptown". The sound production here is excellent too, especially those punchy drums and crisp cymbals.

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