Rondo Hatton release Breaking the Sound Barrier

Rondo Hatton - Breaking the Sound Barrier

I like to think that I do a pretty good radio show, but having a surf radio show in New Orleans hasn't really started a movement or anything. I know of only 4-ish surf groups in Louisiana, and that's counting some of them as halves. One of those is Baton Rouge's Rondo Hatton (who I'm 99% sure formed with zero influence from my radio show).  

Rondo Hatton started as a side project: each of its members have been on countless Louisiana recordings, and they slid into instrumentals when people wanted to hear something "different". Now here they are with a fourth LP after a few reviews in Pipeline Magazine, The Continental, and a few web reviews and interviews. Looks like this side proejct has taken on a life of its own!

Rondo Hatton is trad surf rooted but with all sorts of influences thrown in from tex-mex, to blues, country, swamp pop, etc. It's fun and fitting for a sunny day. I've been hoping to rope them into the studio for a live session one of these days. Hasn't happened yet, but we'll get there!

You can listen to clips over on  but I'd prefer you buy it from one of . As of writing I haven't gotten my copy yet but I am one hundred percent certain you'll eventually hear their new song "Storm Surge" on my show soon!


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