Playlists 2/23/2015

Playing catch-up. This was the first week of our pledge drive. Not dividing it up into blocks because it was all over the place)

los tiki phantoms - satan's (regresan de la tumba)
the reigning monarchs - blood red metalflake (black sweater massacre)
Dirty Fuse - Oasi (Last Wave)
the astroglides - arab bush (sewer surfing with...)
the rondels - zombie (honkers & twangers)
link wray and the wraymen - the sweeper (the original rumble)
the pyramids - road runnah (penetration)
the tornadoes - vaquero (beyond the surf!)
jim waller and the deltas - body wompin' (surfin' wild)
the ventures - zocko (batman theme)
crazy aces - stomp it (stomp it single)
the concussions - fur-lined speedo (break up with)
marshall and the martins - dammit ferricks (boston beans)
los cowabungas - gran-ola (?queremos surf!)
the surfites - space coach (escapades in space)
los jinetes del terror - cocktail (fuzz-on accidental)
os tartaros - tartaria (the first portugese surf-garage group)
the satellites - bodacious - 45
the break - birdman (church of open sky)
LOS FRENETICOS - radio to birdman (el playa)
the mystery men - the fox (sonos delirium)
the treble spankers - red hot navigator (hasheeda)
jaguar and the savanas - high tide catastrophe (wet side stories)
takeshi terauchi and the bunnys - (in japanese)
le grand miercoles - Cecelia ann (ghost cowboys)
sunil ganguly - om shanti om (swingin hits)
the spoils - moral hazard (have a drink with)
north shore troubadors - hail hydra (original motion picture soundtrack)
Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake - Hang 11 (modern surf classics)
the dead rocks - sonic stars (one million dollar surf band)
the mobsmen - chunkje (scelerats syndicate)
man? ...or astro-man - interstellar hard drive (EEVIAC)
the ventures - walk don't run (the ventures)
the abominable showmen - nitrus (the abominable showmen)


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