Playlist! Dick Dale Tribute

Sincere thanks to everybody that listened to my most popular show ever. As I was saying at the end, seeing such a big number of online listeners made me feel like I was in the room with the surf/rock & roll community. It was very powerful to me, and I hope y'all caught some of that feeling as well. If you still want to donate, .

I took a lot of breaks so I'm just going to present it altogether.

Dick Dale & his Del-Tones - King of the Surf Guitar (King of the Surf Guitar)
Agent Orange - Miserlou (living in darkness)
The Wangs - Nitro (On Target!)
The Del-Vipers - zula hula (cannibal safari)
Dick Dale - Thunder Wave (45)
The Astronauts - Let's Go Trippin' (surfin' with the astronauts)
The Beach Boys - Miserlou (Surfin' USA)
The Catalinas - Banzai Washout (45)
Shark Attack!! - Charm School (Songs from the Basement)
Langhorns - The Victor (club gabardino)
The Windows - Mag Wheels (Promotional)
Dick Dale - Mexico/Esperanza (Spacial Disorientation)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - Riders in the Sky (King of the Surf Guitar)
Los Coronas - The Wedge (caliente caliente)
man... or astroman? - Taco Wagon (destroy all astromen)
Hal blaine - Deuces, "T's", Roadsters & Drums (Deuces, "T's", Roadsters & Drums)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - Death of a Gremmie (Surfer's Choice)
Dick Dale - Terra Dicktyl (Unknown Territory)
Jon & the Nightriders - Banzai Washout (Recorded Live at the Whiskey A Go Go)
the speidels - Misirlou (waikiki surf battle)
The Bomboras - Night Rider (Organ Grinder)
The Unnaturals - Beach Bumz (Face the Dreaded Kimono Dragon)
extra action marching band - The Wedge (extra action marching band)
The Madeira - The Victor (Ruins)
thom starr & the galaxies - Shake & Stomp I (South Bay Surf)
surf coasters - hava nagila (surfdelic)
Speedball Jr - Scalped (For the Broad Minded)
The Del-Vipers - Creepy T (terror of the del-vipers)
The Apemen - Miserlou (7+ inches of love)
the irradiates - The Victor (First Radiations)
Dick Dale & his del-tones - Tidal Wave (Summer Surf)


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