Playlist! 3-11-24

The Coffin Daggers - Flowers in the Rain (Eleki Album)
Los Twang! Marvels - Rancho Cucamonga (Guitars In Orbit)
The Aqua Barons - Spy Romance (Extreme Guitar Conditions)
Los Coronas - Estacion Uranus (Surfin'tenochtillan)
King Beez - Cops & Robbers (Games)

The Kingsmen - Svarta Ögon (Dark Eyes) (Eurotwang! 34 Twangy Guitar Intro's, Exhumed from Europe's Deepest Vaults ….)
The New Dimensions - Tee Town (Deuces and Eights)
The Rumblers - Here Comes the Bug (Intoxica! Strange and Sleazy Instrumental Sounds from the SoCal Suburbs)
The Avengers VI - Sahara (Real Cool Hits)
The Shadows - The Savage - 1995 Remaster (The Shadows Complete Singles As & Bs: 21 Years At The Top)
The Rip Chords - Big Wednesday (Three Window Coupe)

Hypersonic Secret - Too Fast for Love (Project: MAYHEM)
Los Oxidados - Miramare (Look Out! Here We Go!)
Coastal Surf Club - Ghost Gorge (Final Round)
Furious nakamura - Cissy Strut (Extendida Playa)
Odicolon - Easy (Twang)
The HamilTones - Suit Up (In Space)

Los Tremoleros - Decoy (The Winter Sessions)
SPF 4 - Parabolic! (Surf-n-Turf)
The Space Rangers - Good Morning, Svetlana (Ready to Take Off!)
The Red Planets - The Doors Swung Open (Chases Lead To Crashes)

The Fathoms - Getaway Car (Fathomless)
Los Wet Guitars - El Barco (Majestic)
Trabants - Zubrówka (Highwire Surfing)
Charlie Megira - Sababa One (Love Police)
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Lands End (Absurdistan)
Rondo Hatton - The Breeze and I (Destination... Fun!!)

Indy Tumbita & The Voodoo Bandits - Ritual (La Danca Ritual de Salamandra)
The Space Agency - Bombay Potatoes (Bombay Potatoes)
The Leonites - Summer Days (Age of Lotharius)
The Mermen - Centrifugal Beatdown (A Murmurous Sirenic Delirium)

The Irradiates - Cash (Lost Transmissions from the Remote Outpost (Collected Works of Previously Unreleased, Rare and Live Tracks from the Band's First Decade))
The Centellas - Merluza (Espécimen Surf - EP)
The Curse of Harry Daen - Revenge of the Pacfifist (The Curse of Harry Dean)
The Last Drive - Heatwave '88 (Heatwave)
The Gremmies - The Penetrator (The Boss Now Sound of)
The Blue Demons - Cat on a Hot Foam Board (Mad Fabricators Vol 2)
The Apehangars - Kung Flu (The Apehangars)
The Invisible Surfers - Straight from hell (Three-Way Vol. 1)
Mark Brodie & the Beaver Patrol - The Shores of Hell (The Shores of Hell)
The Routes - Love You More (Reverberation Addict)


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