Playlist! 7-8-19

The Flying Faders - Vengo Por el Diente (Tectonic Shifts)
Doctor A-Go-Go - hot girlie action (Hot Girlie Action)
The Daytonas - Geronimo (Don't Look Now But It's)
Shigeo Naka - Furimite Kyoto (Nippon Eleki Beat)

The White Caps - Fender Vendor (45)
The Shadows Five - Dynamic Drums (45)
The King Pins - Door Banger (45)
johnny vallons & the deejays - Satcha's Tune (Scandinavian Instrumental & Beat Groups)
The Tornados - Early Bird (45)
The Shadows - Some Are Lonely (Out of the Shadows)
The Super-Sonics - The Sheik of Araby (45)

Los Freneticos - El Vagabundo (Teletransportación)
Greg Townson - Speed Bump (More Travelin' Guitar)
Didi Wray - Por Una Cabeza (misíon tango surf)
The Me Gustas - Robbers Roost (Burn the Breeze)
Cat Sith - Immigrant (Cat Sith)
Satan's Pilgrims - The Way In to Way Out (7")

The Invisible Surfers - Stabs'n'Hugs (Waves of Reverb)
The Bradipos IV - Moon Relay (Surf Session)
The 427's - night of the living surf (mavericks)
Supertubos - Guapa's Stomp (la formula de papini)

Eddie Angel - Casbah (Guitar Party)
the sophisticats - hurricane (meow)
The Routes - cavalgada (instrumentals)
Dome La Muerte E.X.P. - Amsterdam 66 (lazy sunny day)

los banditos - Die Manner aus dem spektrum (ekstase)
Pilots of Dune - Yellow Eyes (Minotaur)
RPS Surfers - Meron (Harake Gang)
The First Theremin Era - Sunset in Siberia (45)
The Steps - Bandar Djakarta (Keronchong Warna-Warni)

The KBK - Psycho Beach Party (Acute Exposure: The First Ten Years)
the necromonikids - Blood of Kingu (necronomikids)
the st kilda gammarays - Honda Girl (girl on a motorcycle)
X-Ray Vision - Inframan (Panique au Biblos)
Infra-men - One megaton bee (FASTER)
Blue Spectre - exploding eyes (We are Strangers EP)
man... or astroman? - test driver (experiment zero)
kingargoolas - lambretta sunburst (kingargoolas)
bobby's bar - psychology (shrunken head familia)
The Coffin Daggers - Dr Guillotine (The Coffin Daggers)


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