Playlist! 7-23-18

Frankie and the Pool Boys - Pool Boy Stomp (Spin the Bottle)
The Kahuna Kings - Shake It (Who wants to party with the Kahuna Kings)
Los Straitjackets - Tempest (The Velvet Touch Of...)
Stompin' Riffraffs - Screaming on Wheels (a man and three chicks)
The AmpFibians - bikinis 50% off (Enigma of the Deep)

pj and the galaxies - Comin' Home Baby (Rare Surf vol 1 the south bay bands)
Al Casey - El Aguila (the Eel) (surfin' hootenanny)
The Caps - red headed flea (strummin mental)
Travis Wammack - I Ain't Lying (45)
Dave and the Orbits - Chili Beans (45)
The Ventures - Up Up and Away (batman theme)

Penelope Cruisecontrol - Smack Dab (This Is The Voice of Penelope Cruisecontrol)
Impala - Switchin' (In the Late Hours)
Magic Number - Star Sign (Ampersand)
The Rogue Waves - High Plains Surfer (The Rogue Waves I)
Cat Sith - Lemmy (Black Album)

Eldanka - Bend or Stretch (Rusty treasures)
the dangermen - Manx Man Island (meet the men of danger)
Supertubos - Espectro de Brocken (Rendezvous)
Let's Go Trippin '79 - Beach Party (100 watts)
the me gustas - Cruisin Home at Sunset (Summer)

The Coffin Daggers - Aggravatin' Rhythms (aggravatin' rhythms)
The Bambi Molesters - Wanganui (Dumb Loud Hollow Twang)
The Reigning Monarchs - True and Mighty (the reigning monarchs)
Hawaii Samurai - Bustin surfboard (The octopus Incident)
Phantom Surfers - Stop that Cedric (And Dick Dale)

Condor Gruppe - Ondt Blood (4 track demo)
siluetler - lorke lorke (guitar mood vol 2)
The Charmers - The Snake (45)
Pilots of Dune - Yellow Eyes (Minotaur)

Hattori Hanzo surf experience - La Ola Perfecta (Meanwhile in Mallorca)
13th Magic Skull - carved heads (brave coast wild recordings)
threesome - Combo Swell (On Tour)
palermo surf experience - Gim Atomic (far from famous)
ramblin' ambassadors - rat creek (vista cruiser county squire)
chewbacca's - klaatu barada nikto (chewbacca's meet electroplasma)
terrorsurfs - bat shit crazy (Mutant Surf Trash)
The Spoils - Shockwave (Have a Drink With)
Dr. Triton feat crunchy acapulco - One Million Dollar Theme (Beach, Butts, Burgers and Beer - tribute to The Dead Rocks)
necronomikids - A Mountain Climbed or Stumbled (Monsters of Surf)
Rapido T Lusso - Road Rash (Caffeine Racer EP)
Federale - White Cloud (Music from 'La Rayar')


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