Playlist! 10-16-23

The Space Rangers - Speedway (Ready To Take Off!)
Underwater Bosses - Beach Moles (The Night Divides the Ride)
Phatlynx - Wildwood Psycho Crunch (Loosen Your Belt!)
The Halibuts - Little Old Ladies Seldom Cutback (Halibut Beach)
MalaBrava - Matahari Surf (Matahari Surf)

The Tornadoes - The Swag (Charge Of The Tornadoes)
The Heyburners - Speedway (Surfin Surfari!)
The De-Fenders - Four Banger (Drag Beat)
Ed Burkey - Whitewater Wipe Out (More Long-Lost Honkers & Twangers)
The Cousins - Bouddah (The Cousins Instrumental)

Beach Bomb - Satyr Salsa (Satyr Salsa - Single)
Voodoo Surf Tribe - Galaxy of Waves (The Spooked EP)
'71 Super Creep - Space Pop (A Night At the Drive In - EP)
Kaw Tikis - Rumble at Muscle Beach (kaw tikis)

Trio Koko - Bennetnie (Taruko II)
Antisocial Spaguetti Club - En la jungla (La muerte del surf, Vol.1)
Mario Cobo - Driving My Magnatone (Burnin' Daylight with Mario Cobo and His Guitar Posse)
Chrome Castle - Bathed and Alert (Future Fiction)
King Of Hawaii - San Onofre Suits (Road Trip)

The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Rat Creek (Vista Cruiser Country Squire)
The Kilaueas - Black Phantom Twang (Mundaka Calls)
Girl Over Planet - Most People Call Me... Jim! (Intergalactic Cowboys and Solar Wind Surfers)
The Huntington Cads - Outer Orbit (Introduce the NEW sound)
Ethan Luck - The Searcher (The Golden West)

Terremotor - Nega Jurema (Veneno da Cana)
Matorralman - OperaciĆ³n Dinamo (Guateque Estelar)
John Eichem - Immediate Pursuit (Werewolf Detective)
Cosmo Piluqui - You Can't Make a Slower Baion Surf Tune (Proletarian Psycho Surfer Tunes, Vol. 1)

Los Vampiros Del Mar - Attack of The Surf Bat! (Attack of The Surf Bat! EP)
The Grande Bois - Surf Party (Apocalypse 2012)
Los Seitans - Robotic Siouxsie (Vol. 1)
The Gallows - Bikini Drag (Locked In to Surf Vol. 2)
N.O.Fi compilation - Ramparts - Murder on the Spillway (N.O.Fi Compilation)
betasurfers - alpha sucks! (betavisions)
The Chukukos - El Ataque de las Almejas Asesinas (Deep Latin Surf Attack!)
Tiki Bombs - Surf System (Primitive Surf Music)
Surf Cult - Ghost Pirates (Tides Of Blood)


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