Playlist! 10-1-18

Humanga Danga - Tuna Twister (Humanga Danga EP)
The Cholla - Sous le soleil de bodega (Summer Songs from the Secret Oasis)
The Surfites - Gnarly Charlie Brown (The Surfites & Co)
The Galaxy Trio - Shaken not stirred (Saucers over vegas)
Los Pontiaks - Gorilas A Go Go (Motel Acapulco)

The Nomads - Desert Tramp (45)
The Temptations - Blue Surf (45)
The Reveliers - White Water (Honkers and Twangers)
b. bumble & the stingers - Flight of the Hornet (45)
The Blue Beats - The Big Shoe (Dance Discotheque LP)
The Ventures - Kickstand (45)

Sys Malakian - Opening Stage X (Me & the Reverb Part 1)
Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Sea Foam Mean (Blue Transporter)
Satan's Pilgrims - Neakhahnie (Taco Truck 7")
Leroy Green and the Boneless Ones - Third Assault (Goes West)
Beware of Blast - The Unknown Calls (The Legacy)

Tres Gatos - Spanish Phly (Out of the Bag)
The Men in Gray Suits - Norco (Panic at the Pier)
The Charades - Thunderbirds Are Go! (Lost Tapes '66)
Bombón - La Sirena (a date with bombón)

Black Flamingos - Black Swan (Play Speedway and Other Hits)
los straitjackets - Space Mosquitos (Jet Set)
The Mystery Men? - Twice as Bright (Firewalkers)
The Madeira - The Secret Route (Sandstorm)

Condor Gruppe - Saraba (Interplanetary Travels)
The Diminished Men - Shadow Petram (Vision in Crime)
Ed Burkey - Dreams of Downey (weird and wonderful instrumentals)
Los Javelin - Caramelo e Chocolate (cocktail caracas)

The Hollow Grinders - Piha Death-Rip (Surfin' Taniwha)
Jon & the Nightirders - Moon Cricket (live) (rumble at waikiki)
The Delstroyers - They Could Be Anywhere (Diabolical!)
The Ramblin' Ambassadors - Clambake! (Ramble On)
Johnny and the Shamen - Straight 8 Shake (Operation twang!)
Switch Trout - Let Me Go Now (Blow Mind! Here are the Trouts)
The OK Kings - Waikiki Curl (it's ok)
the dynotones - Injector (Beach Party a-go-go)
The Pulltones - Baleia Song (Storm Fisherman)
night birds - Pull the String (Roll Credits)
The Del-Vipers - Cobra's Fang (Cannibal Safari)


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