Playlist! 1-30-23

Featuring the early reveal of the best Mad Instrumental Gremmy Category

The Krontjong Devils - The Rafter (En Garde)
The Silicon - Arabian (Woody Goes to Nice)
The Thurston Lava Tube - Fear the Bat Smuggler (The Thoughtful Sounds of Bat Smuggling)
Mandelbaum - Esperma Y Ron (Cumbiabillysurf)
¡Yo Vendo Ritmo! - Buenas Noches (¡Yo Vendo Ritmo!)

Zorba and the Greeks - Shockwave (Lost Legends of Surf Guitar)
Paul Revere & the Raiders - Road Runner (Like, Long Hair)
The Baymen - Bonzai (The Birth of Surf Vol. 3)
The Rustlers - High Strung (Hank, Bruce, Joe, Big Jim & More)
The Clee-Shays - Ed Spy (The Dynamic Guitar Sounds of The Clee-Shays)

The Atlantics - Down to the Sea (Still Making Waves)
Beachcombers - Barracuda (Barracuda)
Ichi-Bons - Ich-I-Bon (Ich-I-Bon )
Now That's What I Call SURF - You Oughta Know (Vol. 2)

Thee Hedons - Maleguena (The Lost Tapes)
The Bomboras - Mile Zero (Head Shrinkin' Fun)
The Exotics - Exotics' Twist (Go Go Guitars)
Grand Kahuna - Mr. Moto (Grand Kahuna)
JJ and The Trashdogs - The Mighty Anchor (Donde Estas)

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Return To Marrakech (The Flawless Ms Drake)
Les Robots - The Rossumovi Univerzalni Roboti Walz (Exploring the Boundaries of the Multiverse)
Los Bitchos - Tripping at a Party (Let the Festivities Begin!)
Son de Huesos - El Regreso Del Rayo Muerto (Magia Negra)
Blue Spectre - Haaf Soul (Silverscreen)
The Manakooras - Lujon (Jungle Of Steel)
The Manakooras - The Arabian Knight (Jungle Of Steel)
The Manakooras - Malibu Bumshack (Jungle Of Steel)

The Boo Tikis - Dog Fight (Electric Desert)
Threesome - Combo Swell (On Tour - EP)
Terrorist Bengala Party - Doctor Zero (Surf Post Atomico)
The Atomicons - Cobra (Flavor Waves)
wormkids - ninjutsu (inzen)
Espectroplasma - G-Zero (Espectroplasma I)
The Squadron Leaders - Dot Rotten (Crash/Burn)
Hypnotzar - The Mysterious Case of Al-Draquli (Hypnotzar)
Crystal Shit - Goop Detox (Earth Fed)


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