Los Plantronics release Surfing Times

Los Plantronics - Surfing Times

Los Plantronics are a gift from the Norse gods. Their previous record "Organic Voodoo Soup" was a knockout, but also a bit experimental. Often that means strange and moody, but I really mean it wasn't strictly surf, dipping into soul music, boogaloo etc. Check out the song "Cin-a-Delico" from that album for a surf track that tries to be a whole lot more.

Well, here we are with an album with "Surfing" right there in the title, and though I doubt anybody was worried, I'm here to tell you that it's exactly what you expected and wanted. 12 Tracks, full brass section, top notch production, a well balanced mix of originals, covers, and a few vocal tracks that deserve to be there. It's not surf stripped down to its naked parts or anything: their mariachi proclivities are still 100% present, there's a cooler almost prog-rock number called "Montezuma's Revenge" towards the end, and there's some absolutely psycho keyboard playing, but it's all welcome. If you've listened to some of Los Plantronics' back catalog, you should be right at home. If you haven't, GIT ON THAT!

It's out in Norway. There's even a convenient link . Unfortunately, for those of us in the states, I hit a dead end trying to find a way to buy their album other than shipping from a Norwegian store (that's pretty durn expensive!). Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes have it listed for digital copies, but they display as preorders. Some of them for May 19th, which isn't a bad wait, some of them for June, a little less exciting. So be patient, and let this video get you excited.


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