El Supernaut releases Gorilla Fighter

El Supernaut - Gorilla Fighter

Man, what is it about Finland? El Supernaut have released their 3rd LP and have more than earned some recognition in the instro scene. Gorilla Fighter is a bright, punchy record full of ideas. Their last LP Plays Half Dead was great, but it was literally half (excellent) Dead Kennedys covers. Playing mostly original material now, they sneak in hints of Booker T and the MGs on "Fool For Your Loving", a ska beat on "Die Mauer Brechen", a bit more of a straightforward 90's punk sound on "We Go Moon", while still going big and mean on tracks like "Gorilla Fighter". While the lead guitar can quick-pick circles around you, the real fun here is how well the two guitars and organ support each other.

I'm really, really not doing this justice. Let me just say that it's a pretty safe bet with something for everybody. Even in the unmastered early state they sent it to me in, it's clear that this is a highlight for 2017.

They've got digital copies coming soon, but us yanks can grab it .


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