Greetings from Tbilisi, here's last week's playlist


In New Orleans today is Lundi Gras. Can't tell you much about how that's going, because I'm way off in Tbilisi, Georgia slowly overcoming jet lag. It's an absolutely beautiful city, full of color, amazing landscapes, and a wild mix of new and old architecture. They're very in touch with their native culture, and they've got a lot of really cool old cars. I've tried to find any shred of instro music that might have come out of here and my research has been completely fruitless. Guess Dick Dale wasn't a hit in the Soviet Union.


Today's show: MORE 2015! Plus last week's playlist

Today's show

Last week I played ONLY songs released in 2015. It was easy. So I decided this week I'd feature a bunch that weren't featured in the Gremmys. Easy too!

This is the last 2015 extravaganza, though there's still a number of great records that didn't show up in either show.

Anyway, here's last week's playlist



DJ Pompeii is subbing this week, plus last week's playlist

DJ Pompeii subbing this week

I'm in Chicago at the moment so you've got WTUL favorite DJ Pompeii stepping in. She's done this before and I think she did a great job. I think she's attempting to do a Christmas themed surf show, we'll see how it goes! I'll be back in next week and I've been prepping a few more Gremmy awards.

As for last week:



This week's show and last week's playlist

Today's plays

Despite the fact that I'm sifting through from this year to get the Gremmys together, there's actually a good chunk of vintage stuff in here, including ANOTHER big batch of new-to-the-show 45s. Also brand new stuff from Diabolico Coupe, Les Agamemmnonz, and the Gnarly Ones. 

Here's last week! 12-7-15


Today's Show and Last Week's Playlist

this week's plays

Last week was a blast, doing entirely Spaghetti Western. We're heading back to our normal semi-modern set but with a bunch of new releases like Stories From Samehill, The Cavaleros, Tremolo Beer Gut, The Green Reflectors, and West Samoa Surfer League. Make sure ya tune in at 4pm Central

Last week's playlist 11/23/15: Spaghetti for Thanksgiving



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