Today's show and last week's playlist: 45s, 45s, 45s, 45s!

Today's plays

Last week I strolled in with a ton of 45s... this weekend was the Record Raid and I've got an ENTIRELY NEW batch, plus I picked up those fancy Shadows and Atlantics LPs. Some great brand new stuff from Dirty Fuse, The 427's, Khruangbin, and Black River Manifesto as well! Gonna be one of those weeks where I have so much to play I'm going to end up winging a lot of it. That's often a good thing!

Here's what I played last week: 11/2/15


Today's show and last week's playlist

Today's play

Hope y'all all had a thoroughly spooky hollereen! I've got a bunch of things new and "new" stockpiled for this weeks' show: a bunch of 45s, new Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Hypnotzar, Moms I'd Like to Surf... how are these all band names?

See y'all at 4pm Central time, just click the link to the right.

As for what I played last week:

10/26/15: HOLLEREEN


Today's show and last week's playlist

Today's picks

Went downright nuts picking up instrumentals at the Ponderosa Stomp Record Show this weekend, so a HUGE amount of today's show will be vintage. But you can still expect to hear some new 13th Magic Skull, Twang-o-Matics, Night Birds, Compartmentalizationists, Die Krabben, Men from SPECTRE and more. 

As for what I played last week


Playlist 9/21/2015

Make sure to tune in TODAY to hear an interview with Davie Allan!

messer chups - war party (the incredible croco-tiger)
burt rocket - fiberglass frenzy (fiberglass frenzy)
atomic 7 - funeral hotpants (en hillbilly caliente)
the whys - bye bye beach (sanjyo)
rondo hatton - switchblade (breaking the sound barrier)


Playlist 8/30/15

bang! mustang! - teahupoo stomp (the big twang theory)
c&c surf factory - takeshiesque (garage city)
Langhorns - in your fez (mission exotica)
the trabants - white fire (FREAKOUT)

link wray and the wraymen - the sweeper - 45
the breakers - jet stream (strummin mental volume four)
bo diddley - old smokey (bo diddley beach party)
freddie king - king-a-ling - 45
sandy nelson - Boot-leg (drums a go-go)
the astronauts - el aguila (the eel) (competition couope)

eddie angel - Rampage (7")



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